Traditions That Impact Your Marriage Proposal

marriage proposal

It’s a big thing getting engaged you want it to go well as you will cherish those memories!  Trust me once the kids come along you will be like a permanently exhausted pigeon.  It’s good to turn each of these types of occasions into a real celebration whilst you still have the energy!

My husband’s marriage proposal was quite unexpected as we had only been dating three months.  But I knew it was the right thing and said yes without hesitation.  A lot of the suggestions for getting a marriage proposal right are based on traditions.  So, it’s up to you whether you decide to follow them or take your own path!

How Much to Spend on the Ring?

Some wedding sites claim that three months’ salary should be spent on the ring.  My husband didn’t have a huge amount of money and even one month’s salary would have been too much of a stretch.  I was looking at Michael Arthur engagement rings and was bedazzled by the beautiful diamonds.  My ring is a much more sombre affair.  It still means a lot to me though.

Picking A Diamond Ring

marriage proposal

Historically engagement rings didn’t used to have diamonds in them.  Just before the Second World War only 10% of rings did.  Gradually this increased in popularity thanks to a De Beers campaign, a company who controlled diamond output!  It was hugely successful because everyone got behind the hype.

Deciding Whether To Ask The Bride’s Father

This is a fading tradition but one my husband followed.  My dad was delighted to be asked.  He found it a nice respectful thing for my now husband to do.  I thought it was quite brave of him asking.  Our relationship was so new, and he could quite easily have thought we were rushing into something without thinking.  But my dad could see my husband had the best of intentions.  My dad is still pleased over 10 years later.  Although I am not sure what we would have done if he had said no!  That could have been quite awkward!

Apparently the tradition of asking for permission was started when couples could finally marry for love.  They just had to get the all clear from the father first.

Proposing on Bended Knee

This article in Cosmopolitan says men getting down on bended knee dates back to the days of knighthood.  You would go down on one knee as a sign of respect for your King.  By ensuring you follow this in your marriage proposal you are showing your wife you will be loyal and obedient!

My husband did go down on one knee to propose.  To be fair I guess he did follow most of the traditions and I think if money had not been an issue he would have gladly spent more on the ring.  I guess that is something we can always return to in the future if we wanted.  But for me the most important thing was getting married not how much he spent on the ring.

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