Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Caketoppers Review and Giveaway

One thing I am partial to is cake, its one of my most favourite things so naturally I was quite excited to be introduced to Caketoppers a personalised cake delivery business and have the chance of reviewing six of their logo cupcakes (£12.99).

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My order arrived promptly and safely, packaged carefully so the cupcakes were in excellent condition.  The cakes also came with an ingredient list, which is very helpful if you wanted to know exactly what was included in your cupcakes.  Especially useful if anyone in your family has allergies to certain ingredients.

I was quite tempted to get on with the cake reviewing on my own, but I decided it was kinder to share after all, so (rather reluctantly) handed out cupcakes to the boys, hubbie and my parents.  Everyone was very positive about the cupcakes.

The cakes were moist and delicious, an indulgent treat with lots of lovely fondant icing.  The foil cases make the cakes look a bit more luxurious and decadent.  The logo on the top was wonderful; it was fabulous seeing my blog koala bears transformed into edible icing!  They managed to capture it perfectly.

I had the chocolate sponge, which was very moreish but we also had classic sponge in our order too.  Caketoppers want to give you a premium product so aim to only use the best ingredients so I think that’s why they taste so good.

It’s very simple to place an order just select the quantity of cupcakes you require and upload your photo.  These cakes are ideal for anyone wanting to promote their business for the all-important launch or a special event.  They work well for families too, with photo birthday cakes and personalised character cakes.

I have six cupcakes to giveaway (with a photo or logo of your choice) if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 17th of March.

Win 6 Caketoppers Cupcakes

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