Welsh Mountain Zoo Review

was the day we were reviewing the Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay, so we all
hopped in the car and prayed the dark cloud and the promise of heavy rain did
not follow us there. Luckily we were
blessed with a rare glimpse of sunshine and had a very agreeable day. If the heavens had opened it might have been
a different story as there is little in the way of shelter from the elements.

boys really enjoyed their visit and seeing all the animals close up. We saw a helpful poster and practised our
chimpanzee expressions. One of the
chimpanzees’s seemed to respond to our “greeting” face, which the boys loved!

found the talks to be very educational and factual. But not just keepers reeling off a lot of boring facts, they had
actual demonstrations, which complimented appealing facts, keeping my two boys
interested. Like how Groat, one
of the chimpanzees, has the strength of seven humans!!!

The informative keepers told us
about breeding, conservation and dietary habits. My two boys were soaking up all the information but more than
anything they were most interested in watching the chimpanzees picking their
noses… least whilst that distracted them I could listen to the enjoyable talk.

The Penguin Parade was funny seeing
all the penguins marching on the grass in the hope of a tasty bit of fish. A seagull or two were also eyeing the fish
bucket eagerly, hoping for a piece of the action.

The macaws flying in the air was
quite spectacular, with their beautiful colourful wings flapping. The barn owl was sweet and very excited when
it swooped on a bundle of grass, much to the amusement of everyone.

The Sea lions were entertaining
jumping to reach coloured balls and opening their mouths on command, in between
diving in the water and “waving” at everyone.

All the Staff at the Zoo were
friendly and the service at the café was very quick. We even on arrival had help showing us where we could park. I cannot fault the staff at the Zoo,
everyone seemed happy in their jobs. 
Not a grumpy face in sight and the place was very clean and tidy.

The boys were also pleased with the
Jungle Adventureland, climbing up the frame and whizzing down the slide.

The Zoo was packed with a number of large
school parties and lots of other guests, which demonstrated just how popular
this Zoo is. I remember fondly how I
did my college work experience there many a moon ago now, cleaning out all the
animals and hiking around with buckets of meat for the big cats (trying to
discreetly hide them from nosey little children so as not to upset them!).

The facilities might not be as
updated as the bigger Zoo’s but the experience you take away from there is just
as good and at a fraction of the price (with a family ticket for 2 adults and 2
children only costing £31.40). Just
prepare yourself for a steep hill or two, but it was so worth it just to see
the baby Lemurs clinging onto their mum’s backs.

After our busy day we felt like the Meerkats and in need of a nap (although I do think they need to work on their nap technique it does look slightly corpse like!).

You can find out more on their
website or follow them on facebook.

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