London Duck Tours

had an amazing adventure travelling round London by both road and water! It is quite exciting being on a duck tour,
all around you people are waving and taking pictures as you pass by. I think I saw some sour faces on the open
top buses, no doubt wondering why they booked one of them when they could have
discovered London much more thoroughly and with more finesse on a duck!

Given the actual weight of the vehicles (around 9 tonnes)
the driver gave us an incredibly smooth and careful journey through central
London. We got the opportunity to see
lots of sights and avoid dragging two young boys around lots of very busy
streets. Much more fun taking in the
sights with a fresh breeze on your faces and a very informative guide to give
you interesting information about everything we saw on our journey. Plus I could sit down and feel relaxed
knowing my boys were contained!!!

our guide, was hugely entertaining too. 
He had us in fits of giggles or amazed by staggering facts. At one point he tried to pull our legs and
make us believe that Duck Tours used to have a different route involving
launching off the side of an exceptionally dangerous building with a 80%
success rate, but then trip advisor put a stop to that! It really was a hilarious trip!

Thanks Ollie you were great!

boys enjoyed themselves; they loved shouting QUACK QUACK loudly whenever we saw
another Duck. As a result it was quite
an interactive tour, Ollie even had us waving at two army guys saying it was
the highlight of their day every time a Duck went past, from their faces you
could just see them positively oozing with delight when we did – not…

learnt lots of great trivia, I bet if it came to a London fact quiz I would do
considerably better after this enlightening experience. I especially enjoyed hearing that the statue of Churchill
has a mild electrical current running through it to stop pigeons landing and
pooping on him! But I will not reveal anymore, as I want you all to go off and enjoy the trip yourself.

we went on this tour I watched a video with the boys I thought it looked
slightly claustrophobic when in the water, but I was relieved that there was
plenty of room, it was a very spacious vehicle and my concerns were completely
unjustified. It really was a fantastic

family ticket is priced at £62 which I think is very reasonable leaving you with memories to last a
lifetime. Head over to the website for
information and to book a tour.

2 thoughts on “London Duck Tours

  1. when I was in London in May for Cybher, hubby and I did this and it was fab. The tour we had was hilarious and really made the trip more memorable. The fact it drove into the Thames was scary and awesome. All in all I loved this, Quack Quack x

  2. Sounds like a really fabulous and unique way to explore the capital. We are hoping to take our daughter there either this or next year and from your comments I think a duck tour would suit us well – we are a bit quackers!

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