Byron Bay Dotty Cookies Review

I would have loved to have done a thorough taste test of
these but all 12 were ear marked straight away, they really did go dotty over

We were hosting a Sylvanian
Families twitter party, so 10 went in the party bags, much to the excitement of
the children upon discovering them. 
Then my mum and dad wanted to have one each, so hubbie and I made do
with a little token scrap our boys decided to kindly share with us. From that morsel I realised they were very
tasty cookies. But it did whet my
appetite for more, sadly by then my boys had chomped the lot! Even one of the cats was circling trying to
get in on some cookie action…

The cookies helped make the party bags even more magical! Every child likes a sweet treat (or if not always has a willing parent ready to help out with eating duties!).

Cookies are just perfect for party bags because they are individually wrapped
and being covered in tasty colourful
‘choc drops’ are very appealing for children. They also have lots of chunks of creamy milk chocolate meaning
adults too are quite partial to them! I
used all my will power to keep the 10 cookies in their respective party bags,
when all I wanted to do was unwrap one to have with my evening cuppa. But I managed it just about… although having
had that little bit to try, I think next time I might not be so strong!

sure you keep an eye on my blog next month for the anniversary giveaways Byron
Bay have kindly donated 24 of these delicious cookies! 
It will be one of the prizes bundled with a lovely selection of toys. If you win this I think you will have Christmas sorted (and if your extra lucky they might share a cookie with you!).

can find out more about Byron Bay on their website including prices and stockists.

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