Drayton Manor Review

a child my parents used to take us here every year. My brother and I were always pleased to come back again and
again. Drayton Manor holds a fond place
in my heart, with all those happy family memories. It is lovely to go myself with my two boys and create more of
these treasured moments.

was especially impressed with the addition of Thomas Land. The rides there were all very different;
some gentle ones for the tiny people and more thrill seeking ones for those a
little older.

Cranky’s Drop Tower and
Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster are both lots of fun and quite
exciting. We even saw one of the Fat
Controller live shows. My boys were
thrilled to have a photo opportunity afterwards; so wonderful that youngest
even did a double thumbs up!

Staff at Thomas Land were exceptionally friendly and
lovely to my boys. The Emily’s
Adventure Play is one of the safest indoor playgrounds I have ever
encountered. There is a member of staff
on the door to ensure no child escapes! 
I was much more relaxed than normal with no adults allowed into the play
area, you knew the children were safe entertaining each other, my two made a
few new friends. Then Sara (another
member of staff monitoring the play area) was doing a sterling job checking all
the children were okay. I have been in
the indoor play area in Paultons Park and must confess I left promptly
afterwards it was mayhem! In season in
Drayton Manor they restrict sessions to 15 minutes, so it does not get
overcrowded and you lose sight of your child. 
Working alongside Busy Bee’s they are definitely raising the bar of how
these types of play areas should be run!!!

were lucky with the weather and it stayed dry all day. So we enjoyed strolling around the Zoo,
obviously it is not on the same scale as Zoo’s in their own right, but it’s a
pleasant enough walk and the boys enjoyed a little break from the rides before
round 2.

braved the Ben 10 Ultimate Mission with eldest; he was a bit hesitant but
enjoyed walking though the queuing system seeing all the character models, the
computer screens all lit up and Ben 10 pleading for help! When we got to the ride he was full of
bravado all of a sudden… then I left my stomach to be picked up later! They have done a great job making it a interesting
experience for Ben 10 fans and eldest was pleased he tried it but we were both
glad to move swiftly back to Thomas Land!

are more of our favourite parts:

Driving School

Outdoor Activity Park


was a 4D Cinema hubbie and I were initially very impressed but poor youngest
got a fright when it started and the seats were moving and then water was
squirted at him! I left with him, as I
still had my glasses I walked round the front and gave them to another member
of staff, I said sorry I could not see a bin in my rush out of the room. She was fine. Hubbie came out shortly afterwards, as eldest decided he too did
not like it, and the lady inside the Cinema said in a stern voice “I’ll have
those”, making out he was trying to make off with the glasses… maybe the
loveliness of Thomas Land needs to extend here too! When your child is scared you want to quickly remove them for
what is upsetting them, not be made to feel like a thief… it is pitch black
your lucky to get to the door never mind see the bin to return them! But that is our only grumble of the day!

the whole we had a magical time and am sure we will be back again in the near
future, especially with the great deals they have on tickets. I am sorely tempted to come back for the
Christmas event.

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