Garden Games Garden Draughts Review

given the title you would think we would be playing outside, it is the perfect
size to be spread across a lawn in the sunshine. But we had a particularly blustery day and the board wanted to
fly off around the garden. Given how
much we love our new game, none of us were ready to lose it to a gust of wind so soon after arriving!

So we relocated indoors. 
Hubbie ran the boys through the principles of the game. As its quite simple, they soon got the hang
of it. A big plus is that with such a
big play mat squabbling was kept to a minimum; with a vast space
between them they could focus on game play rather than winding each other up! That and they were so busy concentrating they did not have much fight in them.

draughts pieces are chunky but light enough for children to handle and move
around the mat. The mat is just plastic
but was sturdy enough to cope with youngest trampling across it…

the game is finished it all stores tidily back in the box, it is then very
portable to take on other outdoor adventures.

to buy from Garden Games for £39.99, Garden Draughts is a lovely purchase anytime of
year. Who needs the sun on your back? It’s
just as fun to play inside the house. But as
soon as the weather improves we will be out there in earnest.

If draughts is not your game of choice there are plenty more to pick from,
whatever your budget and interests, Garden Games can help make your garden the
place to be!

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