Halloween Munchies

Here are some ideas for stocking up on treats, especially
if you do not tend to trick a treat and you need plenty in! Our boys go round now (with me and hubbie in
tow) so they tend to get masses, often I don’t want to share, sweets and
lollies are not really my thing… which pleases the boys and hubbie no end, more
for them!

Cadbury Gifts Direct

we were sent a Halloween Chocolate Gift, which is now only £10 on their website. Quite the bargain for how much
is included.

love Cadbury’s it is my favourite chocolate in the world bar none. So I think one of your first ports of call
if your anything like me should be Cadbury Gifts Direct. That way when the children are chomping on
the lollies and the edible eyeballs, we can still indulge our own chocolate

They are tasty but spooky too,
screme eggs filled with green goo and dead heads, with milk chocolate and a red
caramel centre. Very spooky for
Halloween, but not at the expense of my chocolate needs! Now everyone will be having a very happy
Halloween indeed.


We were sent a few handy samples from them. Aldi really know how to do Halloween just check out their recipe section on their website, then pop in store and get all your ingredients ready for a scary Halloween feast.

The boys are looking forward to making the decorated apples! A great way to get some fruit down children at a sweet overloaded time.

We will be doing a spot of face painting courtesy of these handy crayons. I think its handy having crayons instead of working with brushes as it will be less messy, hopefully… wish us luck!


Decorating cakes is lovely and can really make a feature for your buffet spread. But cakes shaped in a manner fitting for Halloween is even better! Come Wednesday the pièce de résistance will be the Pumpkin Shaped Cake. The tin from Eddingtons is perfect for this!

The Halloween moulds are fabulous, because they are well made and very versatile, you can use them for cakes as they work well in the oven or you can even freeze them if you wanted to make little chocolate shaped gifts for your party goers. But my boys have ear marked it as little jelly moulds… handily it comes with a support to add stability when you pour your mixture in! They have thought of everything. A very practical gift for anyone who likes cooking and eating the results!

Assuming it all goes to plan I will make sure we have some pictures up from the party so you can see how it turned out.

Happy Halloween munching!

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