Happy Halloween

now I am proper exhausted, but the house is back in some kind of order after a
small army of little children complete in costume, enjoyed our Halloween
party! The good thing was there was
still some cake left over, so now that my two boys have crashed out I shall
have a very restorative cuppa and some well deserved cake.

the party we did a spot of trick or treating but the rain was against us so we
called it a day after a very worthy (but short lived) attempt! I think this year seemed one of the most
popular yet for trick or treaters, the door did not stop knocking and actually
getting out of the house to start going round ourselves was difficult lol! We eventually made a break for it…

here are some pictures of our party:

The requisite pumpkin

A motley crew of children all dressed for the occasion

Plenty of sugary treats to keep them running around like crazed lunatics!!!

My youngest and one of his girlfriends (luckily he didn’t try and bite her neck! Or her mum would have been giving me a very cross face indeed!!!)

Hope you all had a lovely time!

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