Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle

was with great honour we accepted our invite to meet Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle. We had an incredibly enjoyable
day; luckily for anyone who has missed it you can attend the event this coming
weekend (6th and 7th of July). The Mike the Knight themed activities were in abundance and it
was all very thrilling for my two young fans of the show. At the beginning you are provided with a little
booklet of missions to complete so it gave the boys a real sense of satisfaction
when they finally finished the whole booklet. 
It was perfect to test their skills whilst having heaps of fun in the

friendly Warwick staff were all dressed in character in the Mike the Knight
theme, so it was very exciting for all the children there.

The magical Evie

A rather dashing knight

A kindly cook

Of course a visit here would not be complete
without meeting Mike the Knight himself and there were regular opportunities
throughout the day to have a photograph or just to give him a cuddle!

The queues for this are long, but I found placing
hubbie in the queue and rejoining him later helped, I used the same technique
at the medieval face painting (which was also complimentary which helps explain
the popularity of the stand!) as again this was a fairly long queue – other
than that it was quite easy to move from stand to stand with hardly any time
spent waiting. There really was plenty
to do, before you even consider how much is normally at Warwick Castle to enjoy

Sparkie and Squirt’s dragon egg hunt was a good way to get little legs walking
and explore the grounds more extensively, otherwise I do not think I would have
managed to get the boys to leave the initial mission area…

had my own brave young hero when eldest lost his first tooth whilst chomping on
a cheese sandwich at the provided buffet! After the shock he soon took it in his stride and was quite happy
to pose for gummy smiles… I think the excitement of heading into The Dragon Tower helped cheer him up!

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  1. It was great to meet you all at Warwick Castle . We had a great time too. The dragon egg hunt seemed to be favourite with us and is still being talked about.

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