Tomy Aqua Fun Toys Review and Competition

were sent a lovely mix of bath toys to review. 
Youngest was begging for a bath as soon as he saw the contents of the

The lot were carted off to
the bathroom quick smart! I managed to
retrieve them to add them to the kitchen sink for some water playtime, it kept
youngest occupied whilst I did some much-needed chores in the same room. But since then they have been used in the bathroom sink and in the bath itself obviously lots of times!

a child is a little agitated there is nothing like water to help distract
them, it has fended off many a budding tantrum and restored peace and order
fairly promptly in our house. So I for
one was very pleased these toys were now in the Missing Sleep residence.

Do-Re-Mi Dolphins (ยฃ12.99) appeal to children who may enjoy a musical accompaniment as
they bathe. When you push down on their
heads they play a different note. They
are good entertainment too because you can link and unlink them into chains and
as they are aimed for children 12 months + they are educational, helping very
young children learn their colours by matching them up.

two seemed to enjoy swimming the dolphins around by hand then pouring out water
through them. They are a good quality
product and I would have had no reservations with my two playing with them when
they were teeny. With them being four
and six its nice to think they still really enjoyed this product. From being first born we have made bath time
a big part of their bedtime routine. I
like giving them a consistent schedule so their bodies know what to expect and
learn to get sleepy after bath, book, milk, tooth brushingโ€ฆ
(I just wish they would learn not to get up at the crack of dawn or multiple
times in the night!)

Beaver was a very likeable fellow; he had a catchy happy little song he sings
away as he swims along in the water. 
His beaver tail flapping about to move him along. He is quite loud outside of water but in the
water I could listen to his tune quite happily again and again.

the Pooh Squirt & Pour Bathtime Fun (ยฃ12.99) was another welcome addition, although
it meant they got to squirt water all over the place! I guess with water play I should expect to get a little WET! The honey pot was pretty nifty as you could either
pour or sprinkle water depending how you had twisted it.

think bath time has never been so exciting or fun for children 12 months + with
this range. It sure beats mt two improvising
with just the jug I use to wash their hair with and enjoying pouring away all my nice
shampoo and body wash for kicks (and bubbles!). You can find out more about the range on their website.

you would like to win a Do-Re-Mi Dolphins set then please kindly fill in the
rafflecopter below to enter by the 14th of July.

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88 thoughts on “Tomy Aqua Fun Toys Review and Competition

  1. My kids love bath time, they just love water! so its always fun for them. My oldest is always asking me to make up stories about diving tornament and i have to get the toys and chuck them off the side of the bath then score them out of ten and crown a champion ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. bathtime is a nightmare with my little girl, she has asd and hates water going over her. so we always use lots of toys as a distraction

  3. my little girl loves bath time and can spend hours in it if i let her.. she loves playing with her dolls

  4. My little girl loves pouring the bathwater from the jug into the little cup I wash her hair with, sometimes the simple things are the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. when my children were young they loved bath time, my eldest daughter is now expecting our first grandchild so looking forward to more fun bath times

  6. my kids always love bath time – its also a time for them to tell me about their day whilst they play x

  7. My boys might not always like to share their bath foam letters and train tracks, but they hate getting out of the bath! They love it :-).

  8. All my kids are crazy in the bath, have to pull the plug to release the monsters to make them get out, lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My daughter loves bathtime – so much so that we can't get her out of it. If only she was so enthusiastic about washing her hair!

  10. I always bath with Dexter to ensure he's not scared or too naughty. My biggest tip is to remove all your expensive bath creams etc from reach before plunking them in!

  11. my son isnt keen on the bath its a mission to force him in just now ๐Ÿ™ but he will play in the sink and paddling pool for hours wonder if these type toys would help?

  12. my son has letters in the bath and we love sticking them to the walls and spelling out words for him, he loves it

  13. My two love bath time, although with all the toys that get taken in there there's barely room for them!

  14. My girl loves water, she will any excuse for a bath if she can't swim. The more bubbles the better

  15. my kid's all love bathtime ๐Ÿ™‚ it's actually the only time they sit in one place longer than 2 minutes

  16. My little one adores the water and loves being in the bath but it was a pain to keep taking him when he got fed up of being downstairs (our company lol) so I have taken to sticking him in the kitchen sink with his toys! He loves it!!!

  17. Baby B loves the bath – the other 3 hated the bath until they were older. Now it seems to be going backwards again – my eldest two (12 and 9) try and get out of having a bath! There is no winning!

  18. Bath time has got easier the older my daughter has got but it can still be a struggle, especially with hair washing. To make it easier we have always tried to make it fun and un-rushed. With bath toys I'd say the best type are fully sealed floating plastic ones, if you have rubber type ones and squirty ones then replace them when the mould starts inside as it will help prevent your little ones getting ill from bacteria inside.

  19. Bath time with my lo is awesome, he loves to splash, tip water from a cup to a bottle to a jug then over himself and one of the things he loves the best is to pretend he is swimming.

  20. My two girls love to have the bath full of playthings. Some are toys but also just empty shampoo containers and things like that. They would stay in the bath for hours if they could!

  21. My boy loves bath time unlike his older sister when she was little but it's getting him out that's the hard part.. If he had his own way he'd be in there for hours. Plays with everything, bath toys, an old jug and pretty much anything he can get his hands on. He enjoys splashing mummy thats for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. One of my cousin's kids love bath time,the other doesn't,so toys in the bath always encourage her to stay there!!

  23. My twins adore bathtime – they love pouring each other cups of 'tea'! Squirty toys are always top favourites too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. My youngest enjoys bath time. He has lots of toys but his favourite is an empty plastic pop bottle which he just loves filling up and pouring out.

  25. My little one loves bath time but absolutely detests getting his hair washed and hates the shower hose. However he does love to play in the play and splash and squirt you with his toys x

  26. My daughter always loved a bath, still does, it was about the only thing guaranteed to give us peace and quiet when she was tiny.

  27. My little one is 3 months old and has just started to enjoy baths instead of just tolerating them! She loves looking at yellow rubber ducks

  28. My daughter adores the bath but the splashing gets me soaked too which means I end up having to have one straight after! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  30. My daughter likes her bath time as long as I am not washing her hair..I hope this toy will distract her while I wash her hair ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  31. My liitle boy love bath time he takes a few cars with him and they wiz around the sides of the bath

  32. i used to let my girls wash my hair over the side of the bath while they were in it, making bath times fun is much less stressful

  33. My little man used to hate bath time until I gave him bits of Lush bath bombs to throw into the water to fizz, now he loves bath time ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I love bath time, and I like looking out for new toys or even empty bottles as they loves playing around with them!

  35. Bath time is great. We have set routines that he does each time, such as building a tower with stacking cups and then I change other aspects and have different toys in there to encourage his learning.

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