LEGO Family Blogger Delivery

There was a big “oooh” when the
first LEGO family blogger delivery arrived! 
My two are big fans of LEGO, slowly leaving behind their beloved DUPLO
and swapping for the smaller pieced LEGO sets. 
So the two nestled inside the box were very welcome additions to our quickly expanding LEGO toy box.

LEGO CITY starter set got a
little excited cheer, eldest has gone LEGO CITY mad after having had the 3DS
game for his birthday. It’s nice to
have the set for him to recreate his gaming adventures, driving round in the
vehicles and chasing after the robber minifigure to have a break from the screen. With an RRP of £19.99 there is plenty to build and lots of scope for escapades with three vehicles (ambulance, fire truck and police motorcycle), its a set big enough to share comfortably! Will it finally be an end to sibling squabbles here? Keep your fingers crossed for me.

It also keeps eldest out of mischief for ages as he slowly and surely builds each set himself from scratch! The instructions were very self explanatory so he had a huge sense of satisfaction seeing the pieces come together as a series of models. Youngest just usually waits for him to do all the hard work so he can play with them…

For more information head over to the website

LEGO Ninjago looked quite thrilling, very flamboyant designs, the Golden Dragon (RRP £24.99) really catches your eye. I have noticed children being drawn to it when visiting my boys! It is surprising how much movement is in the dragon, you can easily re-position its feet, wings and tail. But the highlight for my boys was the realization they could launch a ball out of its mouth! So they spent hours shooting it around the place (I lost count of the number of times I had to retrieve it from behind the sofa!).

These sets are all about good and evil, prophecy’s and completing your destiny, so if you have some dedicated ninja fans in your household these will go down a treat! Huge battle scenes featuring a mythical golden ninja no less, what more could children want.

You can find out more from the website

I wonder what our next box will have in store for us!

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