K’nex Angry Bird Sets

sent us three of these fabulous building sets. 
Eldest was in his element completing the epic build alongside
daddy. It is an activity that can
comfortably fill a morning, scheduling time to make the sets and then knocking
them down again and again! Eldest took
a little time to refine his targeting skills, but soon got the hang of it, he
felt huge satisfaction when he managed to knock off the pesky Pig figures.

was saying I am ready to “annihilate” them. 
Which was quite an impressive word to be using at that time in the
morning! Eldest especially liked the
space theme of the Crater Crash set; in the video below showing play with the set he
mentions Pig in an air bubble is like a real astronaut.

am impressed with how easy the launcher is to use, just pinch and off the Angry
Bird whizzes through the air! Youngest
was managing to play too, he is 4 and it is a 5+ set, I think this is due to
the complexity of the build. But the
instructions are very detailed and descriptive. I just found hubbie is more technical then me so him and eldest
got the set up a lot quicker than I ever would have. I would not let under 3’s play though as some of the pieces are
quite small and youngest has only just passed through his everything in the
ear, nose, mouth stage!

We also had the Mission
May’ham set; I love the play on the word ham with the Pig characters. Plenty of challenge with each of the sets,
you could combine them and build something completely spectacular, your child
does not need to follow the instructions they could build a unique and exciting
set of their own imagination. It really
helps extend play.

final set was the Yellow Bird Vs. Medium Minion Pig, which was more of an
introduction building set, and I think quite portable. Very handy to take away on holiday so your
children can practise their aiming skills without the need for much in the way
of building. You even use the box it
came in to balance the Pig and egg on!

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