Our little Haven

Entertaining my two monkeys can be a little full on! If you do not keep them distracted they start squabbling, leaving mummy looking and feeling decidedly frazzled! So when I book a holiday I always make a point of ensuring there is PLENTY for them to do, something from morning to bedtime, ensuring they collapse to sleep without argument! Then mummy can have a restorative tea and cake session as my reward for surviving yet another day.

But the problem with non-stop entertainment is the worry it will come at a cost, like many mums I have to watch the pennies! So thankfully we found Haven and have had two very enjoyable and affordable holidays there. My two absolutely adore the characters, the swimming, the nature walk and all the games and dancing.

The best part for us was with so many Haven sites in the UK you never have to travel far to get to one. With my boys getting quite travel sick it was an easy holiday to have without them being poorly! But it still feels like a complete change of scenery, as there is so much to do on site.

Plenty of outdoor space for them to run around in, parks to explore, ducks to feed, vehicles to ride. The only problem we had was finding time to do everything!

Eldest enjoyed the free sport sessions and getting a certificate in archery, he was also quite handy with his plastic sword in the fencing.

It was our first stay in a caravan and I was surprised by the relative luxury of it! Ensuite bathroom, a vast expanse of space and lots of home comforts made it very relaxing just what you need when you book a holiday! We stayed in the Prestige caravan at Haven which was so much nicer than I expected, yes we did have the rain tip tapping on our roof in the night, but you can live with that when everything else was so perfect.

3 thoughts on “Our little Haven

  1. Looks like you all had a fabulous time. We love caravan holidays as we feel it gives a lot more freedom than a standard hotel and if you don't feel like cooking you can always find a good pub or chippy instead.
    Haven does have some lovely camps and a reasonable amount of entertainment thrown in for free. The only thing that irks me with these big centres is that they all seem to have an excessive amount of arcade machines, which can encourage lots of extra spending. Best to take a bag of 2 pences and let the kids play that machine only.

  2. Yes it does have a big emphasis on the arcade section but like you hooray for the 2p! 🙂 Although sometimes don't you feel like you win them quicker than you spend them lol! x

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