Hotel Chocolat Christmas Review

barely had a chance to review these stunning looking chocolates as I had beady
eyes peering into my Signature
Christmas Collection box (£25) from all directions!

Everyone was hopeful I might throw a chocolate their way. In the end I only savoured two for
myself. Hubbie, the boys and my mum
(actually make that mainly my mum) claimed the rest…

I think when it comes to Hotel Chocolat you need to use
more stealth, bring them out under the cover of darkness when everyone is
hopefully sleeping so you can really give them the attention they deserve. Otherwise you will be lucky to get any; they
are swiped from the box and gobbled up with remarkable speed!!!

£25 they are quite expensive for 19 chocolates, but everyone knows Hotel
Chocolat is a quality top end brand, so for a gift it’s well worth splashing
out on your loved ones. These
chocolates are beautifully presented in the box; it almost seems a shame to
actually eat them, but then again the insides look quite fancy too! Look at the layers…

liked that the alcoholic ones are blended into the fillings, so you do not just
get a mouthful of pure alcohol like you do in liqueurs that I am not so keen
on. The box had a nice balance of
flavours, eldest proclaimed they were delicious and asked me not to mention to
my mum I had them to review, when I asked him why he said because she will eat
them all! I think perhaps I should have
listened because she did get a little carried away. Although Christmas is about sharing, I keep trying to remember
that as I gaze wistfully into the empty box…

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