What presents do Dad’s want for Father’s Day?

I was prompted by Hotel Chocolat to think about the most
ideal presents for Father’s Day. Well
awhile back I asked the boys what they thought their dad would like for
Father’s Day and we pretty much had everything that was rather outlandish, from
a Ferrari to a GIANT diamond and a jet pack, evidently in their eyes budget
wasn’t an issue! It was all about
creating an impact and a big one at that, the more exciting the better.

Naturally a jet pack is an
all-important essential present every dad would need right? One way to miss the traffic
on the way to work each morning! Back
then the boys were 7 and 8 and that was what really mattered to them, am sure in
years to come they might scale back their list of wants to smaller budgets for their
own wives and children!!!

They also
added a Sweet Shop to the wishlist but I think that was their own list of wants
revealing themselves!!! And lastly they even threw
in a jet ski for good measure; given that my husband struggles to swim I am not
sure it would be a helpful gift.

It is the father’s day list for
multi-millionaires I think; fortunately my husband is actually a lot more
humble in his desires. He would just be
glad of a lie-in, a whole lot of chocolate (yes he has a sweet tooth, just like his wife!) and
someone to cook his dinner! Perhaps not me as it may be burnt!

As he has to
cook most of the meals here for him having a night off would be a real
treat. I like giving chocolate as a gift best of all because it means I usually get a couple of chocolates out of the box to munch
on and chocolate keeps everyone in the family feeling happy!

I asked my dad who is in his 70’s
if he could have anything for Father’s Day what would he pick and his answer
was a Concorde flight but seeing as that’s now impossible sadly, my dad is happy
enough with a case of speciality beer. He drank the last bottle today, so its a good thing Father’s Day is almost here, did you know Hotel Chocolat do a Father’s Day Beer infused with the toasty notes of roasted cocoa shells?

What do you usually buy your dad (or your children’s
dad) for Father’s Day? Which present has had the most favourable reaction?

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