Kids Bingo Fundraiser

Well the kid’s bingo session organised by the Childcare
Partnership of which I am a member came and went without a hitch! It was actually an overwhelming success
really; it was well attended by lots of parents and children from the community
and I let out a sigh of relief that the number of prizes I had kindly donated
by PR’s I work with were sufficient for all the winners. Each line and full house seemed to have
between two to three winners so for a moment I did panic we might run short.

post is filled with thanks to all the contributors to our prize line up. My boys liked getting involved helping to display the prizes, here they are setting up. I think the poor loves had got quite attached to the prizes after them being stored in our house!

The stage received lots of interest from the
children attending, they all wanted to come up and see what was on offer (and even try and run off with them lol!).

sent a fabulous Read with Me Scout, which was snapped up pretty much straight away. It is very well presented in a giant box, Scout does look appealing and cute and he seems to have lots of features that will encourage your child to embrace learning to read, including coming with 5 interactive books. A bargain for RRP £29.99 even if I do say so myself.

I was also sent a Walking With Dinosaurs Ultimate Gorgon which looked very impressive. My dinosaur mad son kept eyeing it up. Ultimate Gorgon is available to buy for a bargain £10.06 from Amazon at the moment, a great toy at that price and one I might just have to squirrel away for Christmas!

My friends at TOMY sent a very generous prize, one of their Battroborg sets. This would appeal to quite a wide range of children because it looks quite thrilling, with all the fun of a live boxing match but with the robots taking the jabs! So thankfully no children are harmed in sibling rivalry fights when they have one of these in the house… they can get rid of their pent up tension and their inner tigers with a bit of virtual boxing!

Drumond Park contributed one of their games we enjoyed reviewing as a family, I can highly recommend Logo Billionaire as you can see from my review. The winner looked very pleased when they walked away from the stage with their prize, I heard later they were so keen they even played it that evening!

Trunki provided me with one of their sweet Yondi travel pillows, for £12.99 they can ensure your little ones snooze more comfortably, supporting their heads and ensuring a refreshing nap in the car (and some welcome peace and quiet for the driver!).

Toto Kidogo sent one of their popular Artec Blocks sets. The Green Bombers (RRP £19.99) went to a boy who kept hold of that box very tightly till the end of the event, it was lovely seeing the winners so happy with their prizes! These sets look perfect for children who enjoying building models and having lots of versatility as you can get the instructions to build no less than 10 models with the 100 pieces! Kids will never get bored with so much to build.

I was pleased we had a few copies of this Spongebob game on the 3DS as I know how much my two enjoy gaming, I had a feeling these would be well received prizes and I was right! The ideal game if you like a bit of a challenge with lots of baddies to fight and falling platforms to manoeuvre. It can be tricky in places, but that keeps them focused and out of mischief for awhile!

We did have a prize for the babies too with some Sock Ons, Dribble Ons and Mocc Ons! I so wish Sock Ons had been around when my two were babies as I think that product is a genius idea. Mine were forever pulling off their socks and chucking them at me or losing them when we were out and about. With this prize at least one little one now has socks where they should be, drool confined to a clever bib and a future with cute slipper sock shoes to wear! The Cowboy ones look fine and dandy!

I was delighted to have a selection from Ravensburger including this Electronics and Circuitry set (RRP £29.99). I think as my boys get a little older I will be investing in some of these to help advance their learning opportunities and encourage their inner scientist!

raised a total of £256 after the expenses of the room hire, it was an enjoyable
event in itself but the extra funds are very much appreciated as they will help support future events.

Our next event is going to be very blue with a Smurf theme, (blue) popcorn, (blue) face painting and more prizes for the kids. So if anyone else would like to get involved helping in anyway, please do get in touch!

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