Our Summer School Fundraiser

school fundraiser

I really can’t believe how quick the summer holiday is flying by!  The boys have had so many highlights.  Today we held a fundraiser for the school and managed to raise £320.  Our kid’s bingo session was for the most part well received by those in attendance.  After all it was a rainy day, so I think everyone was grateful of an indoor activity to keep their children entertained.

It would have been nice to see more parents and children from the school but it’s always the way with fundraisers.  Still I was happy with the amount raised and the best part was that the boys had a fun afternoon.  That is something you can’t really put a price on!  They do love bingo after all.  The chance of winning great prizes coupled with a leisurely pace of bingo with an entertaining caller was a pleasant way to pass a few hours.

Also, both the boys proved to be very helpful this time round, especially now they are a bit older they manned the door and sold the bingo tickets.  It was brilliant having the extra help.  Although in the past bingo events my eldest has done the calling but this time he enjoyed playing instead.  We didn’t have much luck, but it was nice seeing the other players happy with their prizes.

Thanking my school fundraiser sponsors

I want to quickly thank a couple of companies who supported the event.  They helped the prize line-up be more appealing!  Their contribution was very much appreciated.


Dobell donated a child’s suit worth £49.99!  They have such lovely suits.  You can transform your child into a mini gentleman.  Perfect for weddings and proms or any special occasion they want to dress up and look the part.  Being smartly dressed can be a real confidence boost.

Drumond Park

Drumond Park contributed a selection of board games.  They have a good choice of entertaining games on their site and I was delighted to included some in the prize line up.  Some are very funny like Og on the Bog or educational like Articulate for kids.  But if you want a game full of suspense SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad will keep you on your toes.

Find Me A Gift

Find Me A Gift donated a lovely selection of prizes.  Their site is full of inspirational gift ideas.  Ideal if your stuck for what to buy someone.  If you have a celebration coming up you can quickly find a suitable gift that your recipient will love.


Asmodee kindly sent three fab games, Dobble, Who Did It? And Bananagrams.  All of these were ideal for taking on holidays as each game is very portable and light weight.  Who Did It? sounded hilarious.  A very cheeky game where you try and avoid the blame for having the animal that pooped!  It promises to be fast paced and frantic.  Dobble is always a good choice, its simple to set up and play and I love seeing how fast everyone’s reflexes are spotting the two identical images each time.


Lumie sent me their Bedbug night light (£59.95).  This is such a clever light it is actually sleep optimised, so you really will notice a difference with your little one settling at night.  It’s very cute and has a nice subtle glow that won’t interfere with your child’s sleep.

If you have any really good school fundraiser ideas that have worked for you, please share them in the comments below.  Although I am not sure if I am ready to brave another any time soon!

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