Christmas Time In London

It’s official! There’s less than a month to go until Christmas. I’m sure Santa is busy preparing his stockings and reading Christmas Lists (ahem…) but there are plenty of treats that you as a mum or dad can give to the kids before the big day comes around. Because obviously, the little ones probably don’t realize you’re paying Santa’s bills (and the rest!). London is a great place to visit over the festive season, and there’s stuff to do to suit all budgets. Of course, not everyone lives in London, but for those who do, or even those prepared to travel (think Megabus or International Coaches for some cheap options), there’s an absolute world of wintery goodness at your feet. Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a magical favourite at this time of year. Whether you want to pick up a few last minute bits, show the kids the sights and scents of an authentic market (and not just the local Primark!), or even enjoy a tipple of mulled wine or some indulgent sugary sweets, these are the places for you.

Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is exactly what it says… a Winter Wonderland! Complete with an observation wheel, an ice rink, and yet another Christmas Market, it has everything you could possibly want to bring in cheer and joy! There’s food and drink, so whether you go with friends or family, you’re bound to have a great

Family Bonding

There are loads of amazing experiences you can have in London, depending on your family’s likes and interests. Hogwarts at Christmas at the Harry Potter Studios looks AMAZING, with the iconic castle really rejuvenated with some seasonal spirit to make the whole thing even more magical. Plus, there is also the Jack The Ripper walk for older families to discover the mystery of this famous criminal, and Hint Hunt, a really fun escape game, for those who want to apply a little more logic to their adventures.


London is a brilliant city, one with a lot of culture and things to do at every turn, not just over Christmas. There’s bound to be something to do, but just remember, it will be especially busy! Shopping down Oxford Street for example is going to provide you with all the stocking fillers you could ever want, but at a price – queues after queues! Just don’t expect to rock down the day before Christmas and still be able to move. It will be practically impossible, trust me.

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