Making a Child-Friendly Bathroom

For those with little ones running around the place, it’s vital that you do what you do what you can to make your home child-friendly, and all of you probably do. However, one room in the house that sometimes gets overlooked in this respect is the bathroom whereas in fact it’s probably one of the rooms that poses the biggest dangers to children.

Here are some ways you can create a child-friendly bathroom so you can feel at ease when they’re in thereā€¦

Make things non-slip

Water is an obvious hazard in the bathroom. Anyone can slip but we all know how accident-prone our little ones can be, and so making non-slip surfaces is essential. It’s not always easy to do this with the floor, but a large mat or rug can provide a grippy surface on the floor. In the bath or shower, a non-slip mat is an easy way to prevent slips and falls and they’re pretty cheap too.

Grab rails

Grab rails on the side of the bath are also a good idea to help your little one as they get in and out. It gives them some leverage and also something to grab hold of if they do slip. They’re reasonably easy to fit if your bath doesn’t already have them so shouldn’t be too tricky to install.

Keep dangerous items out of reach

There are a number of items in the bathroom that you definitely wouldn’t want your child getting their hands on. Obvious things include razors, nail scissors and anything else sharp, but even things like toothpastes and shampoos are a potential danger, particularly if your children are very little and don’t know how dangerous they can be. Invest in some decent bathroom shelves or, even better, cabinets so that they are out of sight and won’t catch their attention. Ideal Standard have some decent cabinets and aren’t too expensive either.

Get the right shower door

A shower curtain is potentially dangerous as small children can become caught or wrapped up in them, particularly if they slip or fall. As such, a shower door might be a better option. However, you should make sure that the shower door is made from safety glass or heavy duty plastic so that it won’t smash.

Family toilet seats

The thought of a child falling down the toilet is a potentially amusing one for some, but it’s actually a very real possibility and a potentially dangerous one. To stop this from happening, a family toilet seat is a pretty good option. For those unsure of what a family toilet seat is, it’s got a couple of different size lids so that children can safely use the toilet too.

Give them steps

Making a child reach for something in the bathroom is an easy way for them to fall and so provide them with steps to help them. This could be for anything from going to the toilet to reaching the taps. This idea we saw on Pinterest is very cool and isn’t intrusive in any way.

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