What’s your idea of the perfect party?

As we get closer to the holiday season, many of us will be starting to consider what parties we are going to throw to celebrate another year – a birthday or simply because everyone loves a great dinner party. So, to help you to decide upon a theme for your festivities this year, here are some great themed ideas for you to try (a step up from a night out at the local pub and random shenanigans!).

Las Vegas in your Living Room

Las Vegas is the city of dreams, screaming decadence at every corner making it a great choice as a theme for any dinner party. Not only can your food demonstrate this decadence, but so can your outfit choices and music. To start off this theme, a dress code can be set which of course has to include sharp suits and cocktail dresses. Along with the obvious dress code and champagne reception, you could also include live gaming through your laptop or TV. After a fun filled game and some high adrenaline slots, why not cook some Michelin star style food and carry the evening’s decadence through to every part of your meal.

Turn your home into an ethnic haven

If you are looking for a dinner party that is focused solely on the food, then an ethnic party is a great way to combine both a theme and some exquisite dining. For décor, you can be as minimal with this as you like or go all out with African or Indian accessories. This dinner party is all about the food, so prepare some dishes in advance and go for variety rather than just one culture. As the food and drink are the main focus of this party, look for small touches to set the mood, such as traditional music and offer a dress code either for a specific country or on a global scale.

Hand out the awards

Movies are a common theme for dinner parties, so why not change this slightly and host a movie award ceremony instead? Starting with the obligatory red carpet at your front door, no movie award themed party would be complete without it! Along with this, for decorative purposes, think gold, gold and more gold! Consider creating actual awards for your friends too; these could be certificates for the most bubbly friend or small plastic trophies. These can be given out in a typical award style speech with tears and lots of thank you’s. Finally, finish the evening with champagne and canapés as light and refreshing nibbles.

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