Get Kids Creative: Creative ways to use flowers

Every parent is constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep their kids entertained. Flowers offer some really creative activities to get stuck into and can be an opportunity to introduce children to other interests. Here are a handful of ideas to get you started:

Cake topper

First things first, get the kids in the kitchen and bake a cake. Once you’ve got this done (and tidied up the inevitable mess), instead of turning to the usual suspects for decorating like sprinkles and chocolate curls, why not try flowers? There are a number of edible varieties out there, but if you (and most likely your kids) aren’t feeling that adventurous, any flower that has been thoroughly washed will do. Wrap the ends the stems in foil to avoid any unwanted flavours crossing over into the sponge and cover the cake with a generous layer of your choice of frosting – before letting the kids speer the flowers in wherever they like. The beauty of this is that it’s hard to go too wrong with flowers – sometimes, the more random the better, so they may even do a better job than you!

Pressed flower bookmark

Get the kids outside to gather some small leaves and flowers and then place them between two sheets of blotting paper. Put this in a book and press the pages together for a while. Prepare a couple of strips of card and then attach the flattened flowers to them. However, they choose to arrange them, using glue or small pieces of tape. Finally, cover the entire front with cellophane.

Egg shell flower pots

Find any suitable box with a lid, such as a chocolate box and trace some circles just smaller than an egg shell across it. Cut these out and slot in some empty egg shells, before filling them with soil and either some flowers or seeds. Your children can be in charge of their care, giving them a sense of responsibility and reward.

Flowers can be appreciated by all the family, whatever their age and whichever way you decide to use them. You don’t even need to leave the house to get some fresh blooms! Just order from Serenata flowers and chose from a wide range of flowers and colours that will please any budget!

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