Quirky Christmas Traditions

All families seem to have their own particular way of carrying out the Christmas festivities. We are slowly making our own traditions, hubbie and I are tweeking our separate family traditions to come up with our joint version. Obviously certain things are gaining in popularity like Elf on the Shelf and Elf doors, so we have followed suit and adopted them into our house. Although its getting tiring finding new and exciting places to hide the elf!!!

Some Christmas traditions are more unusual so if you want to try something different this year and have a break from the elf, then expedia blog have a fascinating article about quirky Christmas traditions across Europe. It makes for an interesting read, instead of the elf you can look for the Christmas pickle! I must admit it would probably be easier to hide you could get it to blend in with the Christmas tree, pot plants or anything green, Eddie on the other hand sticks out like a sore thumb and is usually discovered in seconds.

Norway are big on broom hiding, it’s down to being more superstitious and thinking Christmas Eve signals the arrival of witches hunting out the best brooms. Not being a fan of housework I never know where my broom is either, so good luck to the witches if they manage to find it!

Being Welsh I should know more about Mari Lwyd, a huge white horse that wonders our towns! But its one tradition that someone has slipped me by. I will have to ask the boys if they mention this one at school.

In Austria it gets quite frightening you have Krampus I watched something about a mean Santa on an episode of Grim and it looks like it was based on this tradition! Naughty children get a visit from this scary horned devil!!! I think seeing a picture of it would make them want to behaveā€¦ in this respect I will stick with our friendly elf instead!

The tradition from Catalonia caught my interest the most it revolves around a “pooping” log! Seriously you cannot make this stuff up. You carve out some space fill it with treats then hit it to get them out again.

My little whirlwind trip around these Christmas traditions has been an eye opener that’s for sure. Do your family do anything more unusual than hiding elfs?

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