How to Have Fun with Your Family and Stay on a Budget

saving money is essential for your family but you are finding it hard to keep
doing that, you need to look for new alternative ways to make it all that more
enjoyable for the whole family. 
Especially for the pesky kids, who think us parents can just spend,
spend, spend! Here are a few ideas you can work on together to increase your
savings and have lots of fun in the process!

your own mini garden

One pleasant way how to save money on everyday essential
stuff is to grow your own products! Creating a mini garden and growing your own
fruit and vegetables with the whole family helps children understand where food
comes from, what to eat to stay healthy and how to look after plants (the
importance of water and sunshine). Let
your children plant all kinds of vegetables or herbs they want to eat and watch
them thrive under their care! Not only
do you get to enjoy those extra tasty fresh vegetables for the whole summer,
help your kids learn new things and save some money, you can actually relax and
forget about your troubles. Many people say that working in a garden makes them
more relaxed and relieves tension.

using coupons

is also a nice way to save money and still have lots of fun! How? You can
either look out for coupons in magazines or local newspapers then head directly
to your local store and start saving or alternatively you can shop online in
the convenience and comfort of your own home! For instance, with one Horchow
coupon you will be able to enjoy a
20% off discount for all items on the whole website! So see how much you can
save just with a few clicks online and have a blast while shopping, then you
have more money for the other important essentials in life (like cake and

aside coins or small notes

spare change you have (we usually find the back of the sofa a good place to
start!) stash in a moneybox and start saving for a rainy day.

Any money you do not think you will miss
keep adding it to your savings collection, if you break into a note put the
remaining change into a moneybox. 
Before you know it will start to quickly accumulate. If you can cut out an expensive habit like
eating takeaways, put any additional savings into your new nest egg!

everyone pay for bad habits

tip is my favourite it will not only help the whole family save some cash but
hopefully encourage everyone to behave a bit better! For example, if someone in
the family swears a lot, make a “Coin for a bad word” jar. Then make every
member of the family put money in it every time someone swears. You can play
with it in other ways too. Take a jar and label it with that bad habit you
think your family need to work the most with. It can be eating junk food,
drinking too much pop or not remembering your manners. Hopefully you will see an improvement in
that behaviour (or hopefully it eliminated all together!) and in the meantime
whilst it is ironed out you will have a tidy little pile of cash to add to your
family savings.

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