6 Ways to Maximize Closet Storage

Do you need more space in your closet? Would you love to have the feel of a custom, walk-in closet? With a few tricks, you can create the closet of your dreams. Here are six ways to maximize closet space.

Get Rid of the Old

The first step is to completely empty your closet. Set aside space to place all of your clothes and accessories that are hanging in your closet so you can easily go through them. Weed out anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t wear and donate them to a local charity, and repair any items that need to be fixed but you want to keep.


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Before you place the items you’re keeping back in your closet, organize them. Keep like items such as shirts, blouses, skirts, and jeans in separate sections. Once you have like items together, organize each section by color. Do the same with your shoes and accessories.

Plan Your Design

Now that you have all of the items you’re keeping organized, it’s time to prepare your closet for them. Create a planning guide to set up the perfect closet system for your needs. Determine what you need in your closet: How much hanging space? Do you need shelves? What size shoe rack do you need? Do you need hooks to hang items? Once you know what you need, design a plan that will fit everything you need to store without overcrowding your closet. Measure your closet so you know what size storage options will fit.

Select Storage Options

Take your plan to the store and start shopping for closet organization pieces. There are so many different options to choose from including hanging racks, shelves, drawers, bins, and shoe racks. Bring a tape measure with you to make sure your selections will fit in your closet. As you shop, you can decide if you want to purchase pieces from a complete closet organizing system, or if you want to create your own from different pieces you like.

Set Up Your New Closet

Once you have all of the pieces, start setting them up in your closet according to your plan. Move one piece in at a time, and make sure it will work in the space you designated. You can always move pieces around if you need to. When everything is set up to your liking, place your items in their proper place.

Use Every Available Space

You don’t have to limit your storage to the pieces you set up. There are plenty of spaces you can use in your closet that you may not have thought of before. Check the back of your closet doors, the inside and back walls, and the corners to see if you can use the space to hang ties, belts, or even your robe. Hang hooks in these spaces to hang your items. If you’re using hooks around your home, then you may already have some on hand. If not, head to the hardware store and select some you like. You can even use knobs and pulls as a hanging option.

Creating the look and feel of a custom walk-in closet does not have to be difficult. With a plan in mind, you can accomplish it.

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