See What You Can Have in Your Bedroom – The Best Choices of Wardrobes


Like many things you have at home, your wardrobes can also come in different sizes, styles, shapes, textures, builds, colours and measurements. With so much choice its difficult to know where to start.

Whilst there are lots of excellent choices available on the market today.  It is important that we understand each of wardrobe’s characteristics before committing to a purchase. So when we buy, we truly understand which one really compliments our personality, needs, and requirements. Some wardrobes can be a considerable investment.  It’s wise to spend a little bit of time researching your preferences and not make a snap decision purchase.

Here are some options to guide you:

Free Standing Wardrobe

This is a traditional wardrobe style.  It is easy to move to any corner of the house or from a single room to another room. Commonly, this style comes in wood, metal, and plastic. They can also take a lot of space in your room.  But this might not be an issue if you have free space to fill.

Fitted Wardrobe

The fitted wardrobes are customized units usually built by carpenters or décor contractors. These are made after the exact measurement is taken from a certain area.  Then it is installed flush to the wall. It covers the whole breadth of a wall where you have enough space for all your clothes and other personal belongings. This can be an expensive choice its important to be happy with your installation as this is a more permanent solution.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Lots of homeowners nowadays prefer sliding door wardrobes for their homes. They commonly pick the one that is built into small alcoves inside the room. They are the best option if you want to utilize your empty corners and spaces. This means that no floor space is lost as you have no door to open outward. Walk In Wardrobe closets are the best symbol when it comes to luxury, where a single small room or any spare rooms is effectively converted into attractive closets with storage, shelves, chairs and most often, a dressing table. If you have a large bedroom at home, you can also convert it into a walk in the closet using a room divider and sliding doors.

Custom Made Wardrobe

Custom made closets are those which are personalized according to the measurement, style, design, colour, texture and build that customers requested. You can call the professional wardrobe makers and let them build your customized closet that will suit your needs and space. The price may include installation and designing.  Check the quote carefully. After your bed, your wardrobe is one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home.

Knowing that the wardrobes are used regularly you must ensure that they are not just functional and elegant by nature, but also match your personality and style. When buying a wardrobe for your room, either a made to measure wardrobe, a custom made a closet, or any other types of fine finish wardrobes, make sure that the choice is the one most suited to your room layout and dimensions that meets your budget and requirements. See for more inspiration.

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