Top 6 Necessities For A Sports Fanatic’s Dream Room

Every die-hard sports fan dreams about creating the perfect room at home to
catch all the games, highlight reels and interviews of his or her favorite
team. If you’ve been considering turning that spare room in your home into a
superfan’s dream room, now is the time to do it. Here are the top six
necessities to solidify it as the best viewing location for every sporting

HD TV and Speaker System

First things first, if you want to create a sports fanatic’s dream room,
you’re going to need an HD TV and speaker system. Since you’ll be doing all the
viewing of your favorite football, basketball, or baseball team on this TV, it
makes sense to invest in this key piece. An impressive accompanying surround
system will make you the envy of the entire neighborhood come game night.

Rolling Bar Cart

There is nothing better than having a portable bar on hand for all the major
sporting events of your favorite team to ensure no attendee goes thirsty for
long. Easily refill your glass with the help of a DIY rolling bar cart.

No matter the size of your fan cave, you can easily make room for this
convenient bar cart. Rather than investing in a pricey, stationary bar with
counter and cabinet space that will cut the size of your cave in half, opt for
making your very own rolling bar and spend that cash on your HD TV instead.

Framed Sports Team Posters and Memorabilia

No fan cave is complete without framed team posters and memorabilia. Get
your beloved team posters framed at a local shop, and add a few shelves or
hooks to the walls to proudly display your most prized sports memorabilia. No
one will need to ask you what your favorite team is once they check out the
decked-out walls of your fan cave.

Incorporate Team Colors Into the Room Decor

Image via Flickr by daveynin

Every superfan loves to wear team colors proudly on game days. Take the
decor of your fan cave one step further by incorporating your team’s
colors into the theme of the room as well. Consider adding an accent wall in a
slightly darker hue of one of your favorite team’s colors and add a few throw
pillows to the couch in the corresponding colors as well.

Adding a rug with the same colors as your team is another excellent way to
show your support without being too much. Avoid rugs with massive team logos so
the floor doesn’t compete with your newly decked-out walls.

Mini Fridge

Last but not least, every fan cave needs a mini fridge, or a full-size
refrigerator if you can swing it. No game is complete without a nice cold brew,
and the added convenience of not having to go far for the next one is something
every superfan will appreciate.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform that rarely
used spare room in your home into the fan cave of your dreams. Become the envy
of all your fellow sports fans by including these six elements, and you’re
guaranteed to have the top viewing location for every upcoming game.

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