Essential Family Car Accessories

Once you have a few little people on the scene keeping a car
looking pristine is not quite as easy as before.

They have a tendency to shed sweet wrappers wherever they go, if
your lucky they MIGHT stuff them in the side of the door at best otherwise they
tend to end up all over the floor… When mine are bored they like drawing
pictures on the windows so you usually have finger prints everywhere and then
the back of hubbie’s seat is covered in footprints where youngest always
manages to leave a grubby mess by “accident” apparently.

Back Seat Organiser

My youngest has one of these and it’s proved so useful, it
helps keep all of his clutter under control and makes it easy for him to find
the odd toy or Top Trumps deck when he needs entertaining on longer
journeys. Everything to hand is my
preferred option, rather than having to stop mid journey to grab something from
the boot. Although if you don’t want
extra items in the car, you can stick to travel games instead.

Boot Liner

I was looking at these Kia accessories and
was impressed to see a boot liner; I really need to get one for our boot, I
hope I haven’t left it too late, as it is looking a little tired lately. My boys always manage to get very muddy when
we head outdoors geocaching so any products that protect the condition of the
car is a worthwhile investment. A quick
wipe over and it looks as good as new again – even more important when you come
to sell on your car.

Carpet Mats

A necessary addition within the car, again protecting the
condition of the car itself from mucky feet (or dog paws if you have a
travelling pet pooch!), mats are much more easy to wash than scrubbing the
inside of the car and I am definitely a fan of making things easier for myself.

Car Roof Box

Forget travelling lightly now you have kids in tow, your
best option is buying a car with a generous boot or getting a car roof box to
help with the overspill of luggage. It
can get quite uncomfortable otherwise if you have to squish bags into the foot
well and between the kids.

Interior Mirror

If you have squabbling siblings in the back its good to have
a mirror to keep an eye on things, it will give you reassurance that everything
is going to plan without turning away from the road when your driving.

What other essentials can you think of?

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