Could you be a counsellor?

The NCC have launched another competition and it closes
very soon (this coming Wednesday in fact!) so you will need to move fast if you
plan on entering. You just complete a
simple quiz to see whether you would have the required skills/personality to be
a counsellor.

The prize is one year’s free access to the counselling
skills level 2 course – so ideal if you think your well suited for a career
change and need to get a suitable qualification to progress in the field. The survey doesn’t take long to complete,
then you add your email address and get your result.

I really like competitions like this because you’re
winning so much more than just a prize your winning the possibility to be
inspired to try something completely different and who knows where that might
lead you! Where I live employment
opportunities are very limited, so something like this would be perfect, it
might unlock a whole new career path.

I did the quiz myself as I wanted to see how I would do, I
am not great at compromising if I want something and hubbie doesn’t I tend to
put my foot down to try and get my own way but I must have done okay on some of
the answers as I do listen to him, I try and find solutions and be calm when he
has problems. It gave me 5 out of 6
right to be a counsellor – so I just need to work on those compromising skills
and not be so used to having my own way!!! I feel like I have benefited from doing the survey as least I know which aspect I need to improve on.

The prize is worth £243 (as its reduced from £324) at
the moment; you can then think about progressing to level 3 and level 4 if you
decide you really want to help and support people. It’s a great starter course, as you don’t need any previous
knowledge or qualifications and you also get the assistance of a tutor for the
12 month period.

You can enter the competition here.

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