Introducing Leetchi: Collecting money made easier takes the backache out of collecting money for
pretty much anything.

If you have ever gone round trying to get people to chip
in for a pooled present it can be hard. 
If you haven’t yet just take my word for it group gifting can be
time consuming especially if you have a big workplace and the person in
question is well known and popular!

Although as much as people want
to contribute sometimes the person your asking doesn’t have any cash on them,
other times they want change as they only have large notes and you don’t have
that and you seem to spend an age going back and fourth between everyone trying
to get the whole thing organised.

You might also not be keen
holding onto a large sum in cash, I never felt comfortable having so much on me
when raising money for a work friend’s baby shower gift with something like I would have felt a lot happier that the money was stowed away safe
until the accumulated money pot needed spending on gifts and treats. The money is free to spend on partner sites
(more information on these coming soon) or you can arrange for it to be
transferred to an individual bank account for a transfer fee. Even better you can just hand over the money
pot to the recipient and let them decide what they would like to do with it.

Whether it’s a gift, raising money for charity
or the work Christmas dinner having a platform you can use to collect the money
together is a huge help. It’s quick and
easy to do; you just choose what purpose you are creating a money pot for, the
name of the recipient and the name for your money pot. If you need further information you can read
here how to raise
money online
, but it’s a pretty simple process yet very effective.

You can include a target you hope
to raise that can really motivate people to strive to that amount and you can
also add messages and pictures to spurn people on and help them understand what
the aim of the money pot is. It’s easy
to spread the word about your money pot so it can quickly grow, you can invite
your contacts, share to facebook or even add to your blog if you have one.

But before you head off and use
it you probably want to know its somewhere safe and reliable to store your
grouped funds. Well already 6 million
people have signed up, so surely that’s a good sign of how secure is.

I will definitely be keeping in mind for
money I raise in the future, I like the convenience of the concept and its been
executed well. My son is taking an interest in football again so it might be worth me starting one for his local club.

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