House Renovation Update: My Son’s Bedroom is Almost Complete

Even though we have had this house for three years we have done very little internal work. The outside needed so much doing.  Repointing, new windows, two chimneys fixed and one chimney knocked down!  So the house renovation didn’t focus on the inside. I started to feel very frustrated about our lack of progress.  I am delighted I can actually tell you we have done a room inside the house!!!  It finally feels like we are getting somewhere. Plus, with a ceiling on the room it might not be as cold upstairs this winter (hooray!).

We started renovating my youngest son’s new bedroom back in May, the builder had his work cut out as the room was quite distressed as you can see:

We had a new ceiling installed.  Then plasterboards on the walls with insulation on the external walls so the room wouldn’t be so cold for him.  Before everywhere being freshly plastered.

It’s a decent sized room so it took a fair while.  However once it was all done hubbie took over to paint the walls and lay the laminate flooring.  It’s great he has some skills of his own to keep costs down.  But he has to fit that work around his full-time job so it can go on awhile.

The End Result

But look at the difference in the room now. Just looking at the picture of the old walls makes me cringe.  It was such a state in there before but it feels like such an achievement having at least one room probably finished!!

We have stuck with magnolia for the walls so it’s nice and fresh.  White would have been too cold. At the moment my son doesn’t have any pictures up but I don’t mind him having some nice framed ones.  No chance we are having blu tack anywhere near our nice new walls.  Yes strict new rules after spending so much getting it done up for him.  I noticed that LIONSHOME links to lots of different retailers so its easy to find home accessories that you really like.  I have done a quick search for wall art and found some lion canvas art work he would adore (yes, he is still crazy about lions!).

New Bed

We have bought a double bed for my youngest but even with having a bed twice the size of his previous one the room still has lots of space to fill. Yes, one advantage of buying this house was its huge rooms!!!  Although it did need some advantages.  It was in such a bad way when we bought it, oh I have cried a few tears over the renovation and the cost I can tell you! But for now, I am in my happy place and loving our house.

Anyway, back to all the space in the room.  The empty section in the window currently has no purpose and is wasted. My son has a book shelf, a bedside cabinet and two wardrobes already.  I needed something different to complete the room. Most of his current furniture was oak so I stuck with that finish.  If money wasn’t an object I would have liked to replace everything with white furniture as it can look more modern. Mind you that might have been out of place with our old stone house so perhaps it’s a good thing I have stuck with oak.

I have been thinking about getting him a desk for in the window as when he gets a bit older I am sure he will have more homework to do and it would be handy for him to have his own study area.  Somewhere he can focus without distractions from his older brother. My search for furniture desks hasn’t been too difficult there seems to be so much choice out there with plenty still in my moderate price range! I don’t like to spend a fortune as youngest still likes playing with cars and could end up scratching his new furniture!

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