A Magical Giveaway with The Irish Fairy Door Company

I have teamed up with The Irish Fairy Door Company
to giveaway two fantastic products so you can add a little magic and wonderment
to your home!

Firstly I have the all-new Worry Plaque (£29.99) – this
has been designed to help reduce anxiety, children touch the plaque and the
fairies then take their worries away. 
It’s tough growing up, there is plenty to be concerned about –
friendships come and go, new homes or schools to get used to, newly developing
fears of the dark or scary monsters surface and the struggle to keep up with
schoolwork to name but a few.

Rather than let stress levels
build up, a worry plaque can be an effective tool to help children unburden
their troubles. The plaque changes
colour too, so children can see the “magic” working. Apparently the fairies then grind down those worries to make wish
granting dust… so you can rest assured those worries have been put to good use! Sadly children might not always be willing
to open up to their parents, so the worry plaque is a non-judgemental way to
become worry free!

Secondly I have the Paint Your
Own Fairy Door (£20) so you can get creative with the colour and pattern you
want on your little door. You don’t
just get a door and paints; you also get a key in a bottle, three
stepping-stones, the Family/Fairy lease agreement, a notepad for your fairy and
the Fairy Welcome Guide. After you have
settled your fairy in, you can think about other things to add from the fairy
miniatures range, all the extra details that make the experience of co-habiting
with a fairy more immersive. You can place
your fairy door inside or outside of your house; just use an exterior varnish to
keep it in tiptop condition if it’s situated outside.

Our childhoods are full of
magical tales of fairies, pixies and elves, that belief is great for
encouraging children to be imaginative as they get older. It’s not a sprint to becoming an adult make
the most of your children being at this wonderful age and embrace the
enchanting products The Irish Fairy Door Company have available whilst they are
young enough to appreciate them.

To enter this delightful giveaway please complete the
form below by the 12th of February.

Win a Paint Your Own Fairy Door & a Worry Plaque

170 thoughts on “A Magical Giveaway with The Irish Fairy Door Company

  1. My daughter loves fairies, Her imagination goes wild when it comes to fairies. This prize is so sweet and will make someones little girly extremely happy. thank you for giving us the opportunity to win x

  2. I would really love to win this for my great niece in South Africa who has a birthday at the end of February. She would be so excited as she made a fairy garden last year to enter into a fair, plus she loves crafts.

  3. I love the doors. Ive not seen the worry plaques before but the idea behind them is a good one…I suppose it depends on the child whether it would be of use.

  4. First came across Fairy Door/s on a Sunday walk. Had been treated to a weekend away at hotel by fiancé. As Sunday was a nice day weather wise I suggested we went for a walk. Was nice to see some countryside, as we carried on our journey I noticed a colourful fairy door against the trunk of a tree. Looked Delightful. As we carried on our journey came across a few more. Enjoyed our walk, and even more than expected deu to coming across Fairy Doors. Nice use of the product.

    Rachel Craig

  5. I still have memories of my grandma telling me stories of the faries that lived at the bottom of her garden . Such a lovely set id love to win this to do with my daughter

  6. I bourght my friend a fairy door for Christmas and she loved it but have never seen one where you can paint it yourself.I would love to give this to my granddaughter Freya who i know would love it.

  7. what a wonderful prize, there are several girls in my family who would love this but if i won it id probably give it to my little grand daughter Alexis. so fingers crossed for me and good luck everybody.

  8. This is such an amazing idea! My eldest daughter is a worrier and would love the plaque, and my youngest loves fairies and would love the door 🙂

  9. Love this idea my 7 yr old son suffers with anxiety and I find it hard to understand how many worries can be in one child's head. Very cleverly thought out

  10. Omg wot a wonderful idea in this day in age the stresses our kiddos seem 2 b under is huge so a little bit a fairy magic would b amazing – love this!!!

  11. My daughter would absolutely love this. She adores Fairies and has a fairy themed bedroom so the fairy door would be perfect for her bedroom. She is also a massive worry-wort and gets very anxious and stressed. She has a set of Worry Dolls, but this fabulous plaque would be perfect for her.

  12. I have two little grand-daughters and if I'm lucky would share the prize between them.Eve who's seven is a very sensitive little who worries terribly about so many things so if this could help her in any way it would be wonder.My other grand-daughter is Millie who's five and loves all art and craft activities so she would be so excited to be able to paint her very own Fairy house.Super prizes,thank you so much for the opportunity to win x

  13. these are super cute i would love to say its for my undergraduate megan , but i would just love one for myself if im honest , put in a little corner somewhere to keep me happy , and of course megan would love it

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