Introducing Yogaia for a healthier 2017


Hands up if you have indulged too much over Christmas? Do you feel like you need to kick off 2017 with better intentions after too much rich food and a real shortage of physical activity? Well Yogaia is the site for you.  With 100 new yoga classes a week its easy to find a workout that will inspire you to be active.

Why sign up to use Yogaia?

This website is tailored to those that want to learn yoga for the first time or those hoping to advance their technique. It’s so convenient having workouts in the comfort of your own home.  You do not have to travel to get to a class or try and juggle work/childcare around class times in your area. It’s all there waiting for you.  Just unroll your yoga mat and find a workout that looks appealing and away you go.

When you first register you can choose to answer two simple questions about yourself.  Your current experience of Yoga and what you hope to get out of your yoga practice whether its relaxation and stress relief, strengthen and tone, improve overall well being and increase flexibility then Yogaia can pick out the lessons which would be best suited for your individual needs.

Broken down into levels so you can quickly identify which is best suited to your ability. As you progress you can move up the stages and try more complicated positions as your flexibility and strength improves.

Yogaia Live Sessions

It’s quite sophisticated if you turn on your webcam the tutor can even see you in the live lessons and give you a better idea about your technique – this is something I would feel happier doing after I have tried out the recordings for a while first. Although I am sure learning would advance quicker once you have that next level of tuition – with teachers advising you. Fortunately only the teacher can see you not the other people attending the session so no need to feel self-conscious.

With the Sprit Lifting Flow I liked the idea of settling the mind, I always have so much going on and feel a bit overwhelmed but this routine helped ease my worries and I felt the tension leaving my body. Stress can be damaging for the body and effect how well you sleep.

It’s so simple to slot a workout into your day. You soon feel the benefit of incorporating Yoga into your lives; I sleep better as I now have an effective way to relax. It just generally gives you greater control of your mind and body and has so many different health benefits.

I found the videos were very clear and plenty of guidance about position, breathing and posture.


There is an option to add the video’s you like best to your favourites so they are easy to find again. The whole of Yogaia seems very user friendly and easy to navigate.  I think £7.49 a month to access the site is very reasonable, if your new years resolution also focuses around saving money it would be silly not to sign up, this price is much more affordable than paying for lessons individually.

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