If Your Home Was A Book, What Story Would It Tell?

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Lots of people, including moms, have this idea that the only way to tell a story is by writing it down on a piece of paper. But when you think about it, that isn’t true. We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Companies, for instance, don’t build brands by writing down their brand stories on their websites. Instead, they conjure up a persona based on all their marketing materials and the way they interact with their customers.  The same principle applies to our homes. There’s no reason why they can’t tell a story either. In fact, your homes that tell stories are often the most beautiful and the most cherished.

Here’s how to create a narrative.

Turn Walking Through Your Home Into A Journey

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Most stories involve some sort of narrative arc. Somehow or other, characters have to get from one place to another, whether physically or emotionally. The cool thing is that you can apply this principle to your home. Getting from point A to point B should feel like a journey, just like it does in great works of literature, the Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Homer’s Iliad. Ask yourself, what is the journey between your kitchen and your bedroom like? Is there anything that indicates the passage of time? Are there any notches on the door or grooves on the wall, representing the passing of the years? Is there any indication inside the house what season it is outside?

Create Drama

The reason people fall in love with storytelling is because there is drama involved. At some point, someone, somewhere will face a crisis that they will have to beat by digging deep. Houses need to create the same sort of drama, even if that means you need to move. As removal firm Shiply points out, people who move often want to get rid of all their old clutter and create an environment with purpose. A well-designed room does more than just serve a function. It hints at a life beyond just the four walls. It suggests that there’s something deeper going on.

What Sort Of First Impression Do You Want To Create?

You’ve been told a thousand times that you should never judge a book by its cover. But the truth is that people do. That’s why authors and publishers spend so much time making the artwork on the front of their books so appealing.

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The same principle applies to your home. Even though it might be filled with history, it’s unlikely to draw people in unless there are hints on the exterior. Often a great way to tell a story is to include rustic items in the front garden, like old wagon wheels or allow vines to grow up the brickwork and bloom during the spring.

Accept That There Are Multiple Stories

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Finally, it’s worth noting that no house is just a single story. Instead, it’s a tapestry of different stories, from your child’s first day at school to the death of your favorite pet. A house should feel like an opera, not a monologue.

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