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Signups for the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) FREE tennis sessions have now opened on the #TennisForKids Page. If your child is aged between five and eight years old they have the opportunity to take part in this wonderful initiative which will help 20,000 children across the country get interested in tennis.  It’s a great way to encourage your children to be active.

Getting your child involved in tennis through these sessions is really beneficial.  They can make friends, improve their technique and become more active in the process. The #TennisForKids sessions aim to be as fun as possible too.  They want children who are motivated to learn and happy to be in what is a very safe and welcoming environment.

My two have tried their hand at tennis and do enjoy it.  They could do with improving their skill level to make the most of the sport, so #TennisForKids sessions are ideal.

It’s such a shame my eldest is nine now but his younger brother who is eight could always share his new found knowledge with him when he completes a course. My youngest has this look of absolute concentration when he goes for the ball! He jumps into the air with a steely determination about him.

My boys are certainly enthusiastic enough and tennis is perfect to help them improve their co-ordination and balance!

Quite a few balls were missed when we last played.  Hubbie was the ball boy so it was good exercise for him!  But practice and the right tuition can make all the difference. So please don’t worry if your child is a complete beginner the sessions have the right equipment to help cater to their needs.  Things like soft balls and a mini tennis court that has a lower net they will soon get the hang of the game.

It’s so simple to register just enter your town or postcode to check availability for the introductory course. You can adjust the distance your willing to travel if you want more choices or if nothing initially shows. When you find a suitable option, you click through and book. If its something you think your child might be interested in do signup quite quickly.  The free courses will go quite fast as demand is high.  This year they are also offering a free racket.  A lovely incentive to complete the course and another reason its going to be so popular.

Qualified coaches will teach children over the six-week course, so it’s a great way to increase their confidence with the sport.  I am very excited to share the news of these FREE sessions and hope you join me in spreading the word!

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This #TennisForKids post is in support of the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) #TennisForKids campaign with BritMums. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here https://www.lta.org.uk/signupkids

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  1. What great photos! It sounds like a really good initiative for getting kids active. I was always the WORST at tennis – no hand-eye co-ordination whatsoever! Sadly at 11, 13 and 15, my kids are too old for these sessions, but they probably wouldn't have much spare time between the dance lessons, football and rugby anyway!

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