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Professor Scrubbington’s

have been sent a lovely set from Professor
we have reviewed these before but you can never have enough
of their wonderfully scented products in the house!

bonus points for presentation the box they are delivered in looks fab, like a
travelling suitcase. The postage label
peels off easily too so if it’s a gift you can wrap it straight up as it is!

bottles are easy to use; one squeeze gives you the perfect amount so we find no
wastage. If you want to refresh
yourself with my earlier review
please do but suffice to say we still LOVE these clever products.

the product magically foams its easy for children to manage, they can be more
independent in the bathroom doing an effective job washing their hair and
body. I also feel very reassured with
my boys using these products, as they are a minimum 98% natural – so safe and
gentle on their skin. The roll on is
ideal if your child feels they want to start using deodorant products and
because it’s free from free of parabens and sodium laureth sulphate you have no
issues with them using products full of harsh chemicals.

fragrance is our most favourite part, its so refreshing and lingers on your

Gin Club

I am not really sure where my next
delivery came from, as I am not a gin drinker myself. Nonetheless it makes a wonderful gift idea so without further ado
let me introduce you to the Craft Gin

As gift subscriptions go @craftginclub is pretty impressive 😀 #gin #kongsgaardgin #hooglytea x

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It really was a lovely package that
included a bottle of Kongsgaard Raw Gin, Hoogly Baked Apple Chai Tea, Anna’s
Original Ginger Thins, Folkington’s Indian Tonic Water and Cheggs Chocolate
Eggs (a nice seasonal treat for Easter!). 
It’s a great way to be introduced to a new gin but also sample some
lovely surprises. The contents vary
from month to month but always include the all-important full bottle of gin!

also get a copy of the fascinating club magazine Ginned! with lots of
information about your included gin, recipes and in this particular edition an
interesting article on HYGGE (as someone who loves to be cosy this was ideal
for me!). You can fill out the included
crossword for the chance of win your next gin of the month box for free.

felt like a lot of care and attention has been put into developing the
concept. I must admit I am impressed,
gin drinker or not, this subscription concept is brilliant. I liked being introduced to lots of
Danish/Scandinavia influences.

costs £40 a month so if you feel you deserve a treat and gin is your weapon of
choice why not spoil yourself. It
offers exceptional value for money! You
have the freedom to have your deliveries monthly or you can opt to have them
bi-monthly or quarterly.

Natural Foods

was sent a few of these Thornleys
Natural Foods
sauce mixes to sample and we found them very convenient and
also flavoursome and tasty. They are a
made from 100% natural products and as they have been developed from a family
of Coeliacs you can rest assured these products are well suited to your needs
if you suffer from this digestive complaint. 
The packets carry the Coeliac logo as they
have no wheat or gluten.

Chilli Con Carne Mix (£2.15) was not too spicy which was perfect for me as I am
not a fan of food that is too hot. This
is a flavour the whole family can enjoy.

Tuna and Pasta bake (£2.20) was delicious and transformed our tuna and pasta
meal! The subtle flavours would appeal
to the boys and this might be one way to finally get them to eat tuna, as they
really like other pasta bakes.

like the ease of preparation, the instructions are simple enough to follow but
the end result is a nourishing meal that will satisfy everyone.

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