Wales Comic Con April 2017

Wales Comic Con

On Saturday we headed to Wales Comic Con in Wrexham for a fun filled family day out. The boys were in their element when they saw all the video games to play! Their eyes lit up and they said this was the best day out ever… they really can’t wait to come back again to the next event.

Going to Wales Comic Con was a highlight of our Easter Holidays and you can soon see why in these pictures.

Gaming Arena

Eldest even managed to win some candyfloss because he came first in Mario Kart against three other players, he was pleased with his achievement and seemed quite happy being up on the stage.

Hubbie and I liked playing the games we were familiar with growing up, it was a blast from the past with the likes of Streets of Rage to introduce the kids too.

The boys both tried virtual reality, it was amazing how immersive the experience was, they were moving along with the roller coaster video and the lovely staff had to keep a hand out in case they went flying!

Once we escaped the gaming room the boys made it on to the Gamers Bus much to their delight! It really is a gamer’s paradise in Wales Comic Con.

Eventually I got the boys away from games and eldest braved holding a snake.

Both the boys met some cute owls.

We sat in on the iZombie Q&A with Malcolm Goodwin and it was great hearing a few of the personalities we can expect to see in the latest season. Although youngest left hoping he could start watching the show (not just yet!!!).

Meeting the actors

The main hall was very busy with so many individuals eager to meet their favourite actors.  But it did quieten down later and we managed to get a selfie with Malcolm Goodwin from iZombie.  It was £10 well invested in my eyes! We love the show so that was a highlight for hubbie and me. He was a lovely guy; very friendly and even let us have another picture as initially hubbie took one of just the kids and me so at his request his staff member took one of the four of us!

There are lots of vendors selling merchandise and gifts. My boys were thrilled to pick up some Japanese sweets and we all enjoyed the Find the Fudge Man brownies! It’s great having a browse round the stands and a good way to pick up something a bit more unique.


The Cosplayers in attendance were all happy to have their photo taken, incredible outfits and lots of them completely in character.

Fair play to the lengths some of them go to, the handsome Captain Jack Sparrow with his swagger and well-practiced personality could easily be mistaken for the original!

It was fun seeing who you would spot during the day.

If you haven’t been to Wales Comic Con before I can highly recommend it.

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