Tips for Organising a Baby Shower

baby shower cake

I have helped organise three baby showers so I am a bit of a dab hand at them now. Sadly I never had a baby shower of my own, but I will make up for it when my boys wives have them (yes I am getting a little carried away as they are only 8 and 9 at the moment!) but I can’t wait to go to town with cute little cupcakes, thoughtful gifts and fun games to play. It’s a nice treat for the mum to be before her bundle of crying, pooing, vomiting joy arrives.


First things first make sure you sort out the baby shower invitations, letting people know when and where the festivities are taking place. One of my favourite from the Paperless Post website is the Book shaped invitation, you can add the wording about guests bringing their favourite child’s book to start a mini library for the new arrival when they appear. I think that’s such a thoughtful gesture, books make a wonderful gift; they encourage a love of reading and spark a child’s imagination and thirst for knowledge so I couldn’t think of a better invitation!



In terms of gifts I have written a baby shower gift guide already to help inspire you, but the book idea I think might be my favourite one! Bibs, muslin squares, a soother, dummies and nappies can also be picked up quite inexpensively to make up a bigger gift to go alongside the books.  But don’t forget to provide a treat for mum too, maybe some luxurious bubble bath, a box of indulgent chocolates and a scented candle.


You need to think about the entertainment at the baby shower, here are some baby shower games you can try. The safety pin game where you try not to say the word “baby” throughout the shower (very difficult!) otherwise you lose one of your two safety pins. The winner is the one with the most safety pins at the end. You can provide a small prize to keep things interesting.  Another simple game is the naming baby items challenge where you all compete to see who can name the most baby related items in one minute. You don’t need to spend much organizing games as their are so many ideas that don’t require you to purchase anything to play them.

Decorating the room

Bunting always goes down well to decorate the venue, I have also given guests baby bottles to drink from which was quite amusing. Matching tablewear, balloons and even an impressive centrepiece can be picked up in preparation, but it’s down to how much you want to spend and how big a scene you fancy setting. Favours are optional, if you do want to give guests a small treat when they leave you can buy little baby bottles filled with sweets, just a token gesture to thank them for coming to the shower.

Good luck with your baby shower planning. I dread to think how many ideas I will have when my two finally have pregnant wives!!!

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