Our Lintbells Pupnic #VetMyPetsItch

dog had until very recently a lovely coat, lately though she has had lots of
unexplained dry flaky skin. I tried
brushing her more regularly but the problem didn’t seem to go away. I think it is starting to bother her; she
can often be found scratching and is forever licking her paws or grooming her
coat, all of which are signs a dog might have an allergy to something. If you are concerned about why your pet is
itching please see your vet for further advice.

Possibly my dog’s itch could be linked to the warmer
weather we have been experiencing and the amount of time she is now outdoors in
the garden. It seems logical something
must be aggravating her skin whilst she is outside. Whether its tree pollen or grass I really can’t be sure, so
instead I wanted to find a product to calm her sensitive skin rather than limit
the time she spends outdoors. It’s
quite tricky because it’s impractical to just fence off a section of our garden
because Summer would still continue to inhale allergens (even if she is not in
direct contact with them) as she plays outdoors. We have a few trees in our garden so thinking about it Summer is
exposed to quite a lot of pollen, pollen is in the air and dogs can be
sensitive to dust mites and fleas so it’s impossible to avoid it.

is at her happiest in the sunshine, watching people walking by, chasing after a
ball or trying to attack the water hose and I want her to continue to enjoy our
garden and our mountain hikes. I don’t
want to restrict where she can go just to manage her itch instead I’d rather us
an natural health supplement that can help her feel and look so much

can read more about YuMEGA Itchy Dog over on the Lintbells website, I have a lot
of respect for this company as they really want to make a difference in all our
pet’s lives, keeping them happy and healthy and never compromising on
quality! I was very impressed to read
how high the quality standard is with this product; Lintbells reject oils that
would be found in some human supplements. 

many of us our dog is one of our best friends, a valued and much loved member
of the family. I think its great that
so much care is taken when it comes to selecting only the most premium of
ingredients, like the finest Salmon oil from the crystal clear fjords of
Norway, the freshest oil extracted from Golden Flax and Starflower (Borage)
seeds and added natural Vitamin E to support the skin’s natural defences. YuMEGA Itchy Dog is
jam packed with oils that effectively calm and soothe your dog’s skin restoring
their coat to its former glory!

plus point is that this particular supplement is so easy to use; you just add
it to your dog’s food!

We were thrilled
to have a Lintbells Pupnic together and as you can see Summer was more than
happy to tuck into her usual dog food brand with an appetising drizzle of
YuMEGA Itchy Dog (please follow the recommended daily feeding guide).

I am looking forward to the condition of her
coat continuing to improve over the next six weeks. Alongside YuMEGA Itchy Dog I also plan to use a microfiber cloth
to remove allergens attached to her coat, its all about getting into better
habits for spring and summer to avoid those nasty itchy flare-ups.

you would like to have your own Lintbells Pupnic, just fill in the form below
for the chance of winning a Pupnic hamper and 5 x 250 ml YuMEGA Itchy Dog
bottles (retails at £18.40 per pack). 
The competition will close on the 5th of July.

Win a Lintbells Pupnic Hamper & 5 x 250 ml bottles of YuMEGA Itchy Dog

7 thoughts on “Our Lintbells Pupnic #VetMyPetsItch

  1. Summer is so cute, I think I may buy some to see if it helps my itchy dog. Can we have an update in 6 weeks to let us know how Summer is doing?

  2. Summer is such a cutie, our dog has just started to itch and lick herself over the past few weeks and we are at a loss of what is causing it. So would love to hear how you get on 🙂

  3. I have 3 basset hounds & one of them is allergic to everything.. food .. pollen.. products. She actually lost all her hair with a flea spray once.. this would be fabulous to try

  4. I have noticed that Doni (labrador cross something or other) is more itchy in the summer. Not due to fleas (as we do him regularly) but think it might have something to do with the weather. He's not OVERLY uncomfortable but wouldn't want him to get any worse.

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