How to take time for yourself when you’re a busy mummy

busy mummy

Being a mother is 24/7, around the clock, constant hard work. Spending your whole time concentrating on the needs of your family around you can make it easy to neglect your own. If you don’t take good care of yourself when you are a busy mummy, you risk becoming overwhelmed and eventually burning out completely.

You may not realise it, but your physical and emotional health plays a big part in your parenting.  A happy mummy is a better mummy, and the key to being happy is taking time out for yourself. You are a role model to your children.  Do you want them to learn how to be an exhausted, frazzled and worn down mum? No, you want to set a good example by caring for yourself, as well as the people around you.

Taking care of yourself is your responsibility.  It is necessary to ensure a healthy well-being. Here are some ways to take time out for yourself when you are a mummy that can work around even the busiest mummy schedule.


Exercise surprisingly boosts your mood and improves your energy levels. You don’t have to go for hour long runs or start at the gym if you don’t want too.  Just begin with a little 15 minute home workout a day to start you off. You can even do it with the children to help encourage them to be fit and healthy. Get creative with the exercise if a DVD or structured workout is not your thing. Create an obstacle course in the back garden or living room and run and jump around with the children. You will have a blast and will be surprised how great you feel at the end of it.


By having a hobby that interests you, you get away from being all ‘mum’ and none of yourself. Okay so you may not be able to take up surfing or mountain climbing now you’re a mummy, but there so many hobbies you can do at home. For instance knitting, painting, drawing, sewing, playing an instrument or arts and crafts are just a few. If you love to write, a mummy blog is a great hobby to express all of your feelings and have your own little corner on the internet that you can decorate with anything you wish. Use nap times, mornings, TV time or bed times to blog away to your heart’s content.


It is not selfish to treat yourself to something just for you from time to time. Do something you love and that will actually benefit you. A spa break is a great idea.  Indulging in a relaxing massage and just having a quiet day can really refresh your mood.  You’ll come back home feeling like a different woman. If doesn’t have to break the bank either, you can grab some amazing spa deals.

If you don’t have the ability to leave the children with someone else, why not just create your own spa day at home? When the kiddies have gone to bed, light some candles, burn some incense, put on some relaxing music and pamper yourself. Paint your nails, take a bubble bath, shave your legs and deep condition your hair

Get out

Try and make sure you get out of the house at least once every day.  Even if it is just playing in the back garden with the kids or going for a walk around your neighbourhood. Sometimes, being at home in the house all of the time can make you feel trapped and alone and can affect your emotional health.

Going outside will help you to feel connected with the world and being around people will help you to feel more sociable. It doesn’t matter about the weather, if it’s raining, grab the wellies and umbrellas and go find some puddles for the kids to jump in. You’ll feel 100 times better for leaving the house and it gives you a reason to get dressed every single day.


Vitamins can give you a real boost, each day might not seem such a challenge when you take the right supplements.

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