Avoiding Turning into a Mombie with Red Kooga

Red Kooga for mums

Being a mum is exhausting.  It’s the combination of disrupted nights whilst still refusing to go to bed early.  We want to carve out a bit of ME time before facing the kids the next day!  It’s no wonder we can be called mombies with our trademark dark circles under our eyes and the way we move aimlessly from room to room when we become too worn-out to concentrate fully.  Fear not there is a solution with Red Kooga.

It’s no surprise we are worn out really we simply juggle too much on too little rest.  We have the never ending housework to contend with and piles of washing that the best mountaineer in the world would struggle to climb.  Seriously my kids go through so much clothes in a week.  Yes they still use their sleeve as a napkin!!!

Refereeing the kids arguments is another ongoing battle I could do without.  It all takes it’s toil.  You just hope you can get to the kids bedtime and tick off most of your to do list before falling into a heap on the sofa.

Guilty Pleasures

Let’s be honest us mums don’t always look after ourselves as best as we could either. We make do with the kid’s leftovers and sneakily eat chocolate out of sight.  Come on admit it you’ve been hiding in another room stuffing a giant bar of Cadburys whilst making sure the kids have had something “healthy”.  Please say its not just me! Then the chocolate that gives you that quick energy fix never lasts so your back feeling tired before you know it! My guilty pleasure is cake, lots of it!

mum cake

Try Red Kooga Instead

Mums tend to drink too much coffee or tea.  Feeling they need the caffeine to scrap themselves through the LONG days.  Fortunately Red Kooga have an effective solution to help with our depleting energy levels.  They have a range of natural products that counteract tiredness without filling you with sugar.

I will definitely be looking out for Red Kooga.  I would benefit from the added multivitamins and minerals normally missing in my diet using the Red Kooga Korean Ginseng Multivitamins & Minerals (RSP £4.07) product.

The ginseng can give your immune system a bit of a boost!  Children like sharing germs so it makes sense to keep topped up with ginseng! I am tempted to head to the shop and stock up on Red Kooga Natural Energy Release (RSP £7.14).  It’s a wonderful product that helps you feel alert and ready to face even the most demanding of days! Better still it has guarana herb, which provides a natural source of caffeine to energise you.  It is released more slowly than your normal cup of coffee so you don’t have the same energy slumps! If you know you have a busy day ahead of you Red Kooga Natural Energy Release is up to the challenge.  Lets be honest being a parent is one of the biggest challenges!

Red Kooga Korean Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba (RSP £9.69) these two make an ideal combination and really boost your mental alertness with benefits to your memory and ability to concentrate. It also helps with your circulation.

Red Kooga products have no artificial flavours or preservatives, are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians so perfect for all the grownups in the family.


Available to buy in Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett.

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