Stealing the MAGIC

Christmas magic

I am finding it really hard coming to terms with giving my kids the hard facts about life.  I don’t want to be the one stealing magic.

As his mum I liked helping with the magic in their childhood. encouraging the existence of the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas.  My husband always writes teeny tiny letters from the tooth fairy and we have followed the Elf on the Shelf tradition for years. They are both still firm believers in Santa after a memorable trip to Lapland UK last year.

I really liked that side of parenting, because I love reminiscing about Christmas with my own parents. It’s an enchanting time with memories you really cherish as a family.  Now I feel my role means I have started stealing magic which is a lot harder to come to terms with.

Christmas magic

Stranger Danger

But now the boys are a bit older I have to tell them more sombre things like stranger danger.  Warning the boys about connecting with people online or being too trusting.

My son has a friend that literally adds EVERYONE onto his PS4 account, another friend of the boys commented on how few PS4 friends they had… you can see the pressure, how easily it is for children to get carried away adding complete strangers just to feel more popular, to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Sadly people prey on that. A complete stranger managed to message my boys through the PS4 the other day, they only said “hello”, but what would follow next? Seriously why can they even do that, hubbie has locked down the settings even further. From choice I would get rid of the online facility all together. Some friends have the consoles in their bedrooms so are completely without adult supervision. Children can be very vulnerable, so please put consoles in a family room where you can see what is going on.

Feeling the Magic Disappear

I feel like all the wonderment I first encouraged in my children I have to steal away again because I need them to know about the real dangers out there.

Its so sad we have to have these conversations, before it could be quite vague but now my eldest is asking why would a stranger take a child, what’s the worst they would do.

It’s breaking my heart that I might be the one that destroys his innocent view of the world.  I want him to be aware of the risks but at the same time I want him to believe in the good in the world, because that magic makes it a better place.  Have you felt like you were the one stealing magic too?

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