Summer Holiday 2017: Week 2 and hanging on

Summer holiday activity

We don’t have any holidays planned after Weymouth at the back end of term.  I have been trying to fill the holiday with local events and days out whilst hubbie spends most of his time in work.

Week 1

Well week one didn’t start off too good as my youngest had an awful sickness bug.  He was very poorly.  It managed to go on for most of the first week.  We still managed to squeeze in a little fun though!

Fortunately at the back end of the week he felt well enough for a day out, so we went bowling and to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 3. The film was hilarious.  I love minions and even better I won both games of bowling – hah! Things can get quite competitive in our household, especially as I am the only lady surrounded by boys! Nice for team mum to have a win occasionally.

We also attempted making play dough from scratch but I managed to stain my hands blue like a smurf!

Although the boys did have fun and its something to tick off our to do list for the holidays. The green play dough fared better, not all was lost!!!

Its not that tricky to make really so don’t let my stained hands put you off.  You only need flour, food dye, water and salt, just make sure the dye goes in with the water.  Don’t try and add it afterwards unless you like changing the colour of your hands!!! I have also bought table salt to make it easier next time.  We had sea salt and had to crush it up first with a rolling pin!  Yes the lengths I go to pass the time with the kids!

The boys also had another session making “potions” – this is basically an excuse to get anything I don’t need out of the kitchen cupboards and make a MESS!

I keep hoping they will have some lasting lovely memories from their childhood so let them crack on with it, even though afterwards when I am trying to clean up the resultant sludge I am usually grumbling under my breath and vowing that it will be the last time!

But we love Roald Dahl and its like George’s Marvellous Medicine fortunately no one gets fed it afterwards though! Huge sigh of relief all the way round especially as this particular specimen looked most unsavory! We don’t want to start off another sickness bug or grow so tall we pop out of the roof.

Week 2

This has been a better week overall no sickness to contend with!!! YAY.

We decided to take out membership to Cadw and explore some castles this week. I am thinking it might save money in the long run as I can fill empty days with visits to more castles. Cadw do have more special events over the holidays too so hopefully we can fit a few of those in to our schedules.

We went to the local theatre and saw a slapstick comedy, the boys enjoyed it.

They have been to a summer fun club so I had a day off to blog! It’s hard juggling working from home and keeping the two boys happy! They fight like cat and dog, as soon as I leave the room and am out of view all hell breaks loose.

My mum celebrated turning 70, so hubbie made her a nice cake and we had a meal out. Youngest liked the look of his pudding so much he thought it warranted having two spoons to eat it with.

70 is quite a milestone birthday but its made me feel older knowing my mum is actually 70, how did that happen???

Now to fill the next four weeks… any recommendations?

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