Snacking on the Go with GoGo squeeZ

GoGo squeeZ

My boys are always hungry! They are forever badgering me for snacks. Fortunately, I was recently introduced to GoGo squeeZ which just launched in the UK this September.  Now the boys can have something healthy in a hurry! GoGo squeeZ fruit snack has been in the US since 2008 so it’s nice the product has finally come across the pond so our children can enjoy them too.

Convenient Snacking on the Go

No more prepping the fruit, peeling and chopping.  I just pass them one of the handy fruit snack pouches and away they go!

They come in three scrumptious flavours Apple, Strawberry & Apple and Apple & Mango and are available to buy from Tesco for £2.55 a box.  With no nasties in them they are ideal for lunchboxes too.  Your children feel like they are getting a treat with the fun squeeze format and the great taste and it keeps the school happy.

Jam packed with goodness

The boys really liked the flavours and I love that they are 100% fruit so I know they are getting lots of goodness. It has no flavourings or preservatives.  It’s just jam packed with fruit so very wholesome! GoGo squeeZ is such a useful way for your children to get one of their 5 a day. If I take too long preparing their snack the boys tend to dash off and grab something unhealthy.  So having these in stock gives them a more nourishing snack and fast!

The yoghurt snack products are just as convenient.  You don’t need to store them in the fridge as the milk is pasteurised so ideal for packed lunches or picnics without having to worry about keeping the product cold. These are available in Banana and Strawberry flavours.  Both of which my boys would wholeheartedly recommend.

They are perfect for topping up your child’s intake of calcium and vitamin D.  Even if you’re in a big rush in the morning just give them one to eat on the go! The squeeze format means you don’t need to give them a spoon! I dread to think how many teaspoons I had lost before these fabulous products came into my life.

If you have younger children who might not manage one fruit snack in a go you can tighten the lid and use up within 24 hours.  The yoghurt also lasts the same time but once opened it does need to go in the fridge if not completely eaten straight away. I really like the lid it reminds me of the propeller on a plane and when I used to pretend to the boys their spoon was an aeroplane.

If you want to find out any more information pop over to the GoGo squeeZ website and start squeezing more goodness into your children’s lives!

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  1. Ooh, these look SO good! I may have to pick some up for Oscar to try. He likes to take a little snack for break time at school, but he tends to take the same few things every time.

    Louise x

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