Why the burglary rate is on the decline?


Our home is our castle so it’s important to keep it safe. Sadly, most burglars think they can get away with it, two thirds of thefts are never solved. That statistic makes me sad as I like to think we all are decent enough people not to take from others.  But people do and the majority never have any punishment for making people feel scared in their own homes.

Fortunately, though according to this article about Home and Garden Security on the Rattan Direct website burglary is “slowly and steadily dropping, having plummeted by over 70% in the last forty years”. I guess the reason for that is people being more conscious about security.

Back in my mum’s day it was the norm to leave your door unlocked.  Whereas the thought of doing that brings me out in a cold sweat. I like to have the door locked even when I am in the house with the dog.  It’s better as you never know who might be around and opportunist enough to quickly steal something given the chance. I don’t believe in leaving a spare key outside the property either.  If I had my way I would probably install a moat and have crocodiles circling with a drawbridge just for confirmed visitors, anyone suspicious would be a crocodile snack!

But as it is I have settled for sticking with common sense and having a home security camera for when we are away on holiday. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last forty years so it is now much easier to monitor your home whilst you are away. Cities are the main target for burglary.  If you do live in a built-up area really think about what you could do to make your home seem less appealing for burglars.

Security measures you should take

Install a visible security system you want the thieves to know you’re watching everything!

Don’t leave anything valuable out on show. Try and not advertise the fact your away from the house.  Think about what you post on social media, pictures of you in the sunshine might be an instant giveaway that your house is empty. Think about your outside space too, the shed can be easier to access and can store a treasure throve of goodies, bikes and garden tools. Have outdoor lighting that comes on when it detects motion, many thieves like the cover of darkness, others though might strike in the day when they think everyone is at work.

Although the real reason there might be a declining rate of burglary is because technology is so cheap, the items that once turned a pretty rate on the back streets can be bought cheap enough brand new. Plus lots more of us these days are more into collecting moments not things, so generally less worth stealing!

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