Win a Science Mad Chemistry Lab Set #BSW18

science mad chemistry

Science sets can be a bit hit or miss.  The ones you need lots of extra’s for drive me slightly potty.  Fortunately, I have found a science set I am very happy with!  Let me introduce you to the Trends UK Science Mad Chemistry Lab (RRP £34.99).

This fantastic set comes with all the ingredients you need to do over 100 experiments.  The highlight for me is the fact it also includes a mini spirit burner too.  Yes, you really do seem to end up with a proper mini lab of your own with this product!  Plenty of different chemicals too, 19 in total included.

science mad chemistry

Trends UK pride themselves in making educational products for kids and this amazing science set is a great addition to their product range.  All I need now is to buy my eldest a white coat and he can be a proper scientist!

My eldest who is 10 will enjoy mixing all the chemicals and watching their reactions.  It’s a useful set to give him a great idea about chemistry before he heads off to secondary school in September.  The manual breaks everything down step by step so its easy enough to follow the instructions.  I like that safety googles are included.  Safety is always a big priority when handling chemicals.

I remember my chemistry set as a child very fondly.  It is one of my lasting memories from my childhood, always being so enthusiastic to see what would happen next!  I am sure my eldest will feel exactly the same.  Although I wish my set had come with a mini spirit burner too.

Win A Science Mad Chemistry Lab Set

To celebrate the start of British Science Week which lasts from today until the 16th of March you can win your own set here.

Just fill out the form below by the closing date, the 8th of April.

Win a Science Mad Chemistry Lab RRP £34.99

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  1. We love making slime. It’s quite fun and you can do it relatively easily with ingredients that you already have at home.

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