A day out with the kids without spending a penny #KidsEatFree at Subway


During the Easter holidays you might be wondering how you can entertain the kids without spending a fortune.  Subway challenged us to enjoy a day out with our boys without spending a penny on them!  You can find your local store here.  I wasn’t sure it would be possible, but I was keen to give it a try!

We headed to Albert Dock in Liverpool to see what we could do for free.  The area is perfect for keeping the kids occupied when you’re on a budget.  Sadly, we ran out of time for a return trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum, but we did plenty of other things.

Tate Museum

We visited the Tate Museum which was a new experience for the boys.  I don’t think we quite got the art at first!  But a member of staff said you really need to look at the pictures and not give them such a quick glance.  He was right as looking again revealed patterns and colours that our brain hadn’t registered initially.  My youngest son had covered Roy Lichtenstein at school already, so he was excited to get up close to his artwork.

Tate Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

Here we engrossed ourselves in history and culture.  The boys loved all the interactive displays.  It is such a vast museum with so much of interest.  They even could smell the raw products that would be imported in the docks.  Such an immersive experience and we left full of knowledge and interesting facts.

Museum of Liverpool

The Piermaster’s House

Originally built in 1852 this house was for the piermaster and his family.  It is now set up as a house from the 1940’s.  The boys liked getting a feel for a working-class family home during the second world war.  It’s good for them to see how different life was back then.  A cup of tea with milk and sugar was a luxury back then, whereas we take so much for granted!  They haven’t had to experience rationing or life without TV!

Pier masters house

Refuelling at Subway

After seeing so many sights the boys were understandably hungry.  Fortunately, Subway have come to the rescue with their Kids Eat Free deal.  It’s incredible value, as a family of four it only cost us £9.60 to eat out.  I had to do a double take of the price, I didn’t quite believe how cheap it was.

You don’t have to wait long to fill your tummy with fresh food and recharge your batteries.  You can also add whatever salad items you like to your sub so it’s a great way to eat healthily when you still want fast food.  The kids sub is low fat and a great source of protein.

Subway sub

The fantastic deal lasts until the 17th of April, so hopefully we can take advantage of it again before the offer runs out.  I was so impressed I need a few repeat visits to do it justice.  Hopefully we will get another one of the SEA LIFE collectables too after enjoying Sea Quest-ions so much.  Did you realise Octopuses have three hearts?

If you have three kids why not treat a grandparent to lunch so you can have another free kid’s meal!

Our six-inch sub meals included a drink and cookie (or you could have crisps instead) and the boys had the free Kids’ Pak with a mini sub each, drink and cookie.  They could have had the BEAR Pure Fruit Yoyos to cram in more of their five a day.  But they opted for the tasty new salted caramel cookie.  It was too tempting to resist!

Subway Cookies

I like that there is the flexibility of choice.  Tweens might be a bit more discerning than younger children, so I like that the offer has wide appeal.  If you can get your kids to stick to the healthiest options even better.

The boys can get a bit restless when their food is finished whereas I like to savour my cup of tea in peace for a bit longer.  Thankfully the SEA LIFE ocean themed activity pack kept them occupied so I didn’t have to rush.  They enjoyed learning lots of fun facts and I had a proper rest after a busy date sightseeing.

Kids' Pak Subway

You can also pick up a voucher for 50% off the walk-up entry price at a SEA LIFE aquarium, so that’s another day of the holidays sorted!

We had such an affordable day out thanks to Subway!  Check out which Subway stores (GB only) are participating in the kids eat free offer so you can take advantage of eating out at a bargain price too.

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