Attack of the Jelly Monster Review and Giveaway

Attack of the Jelly Monster

As always, we were delighted to add another game to our expanding collection.  Attack of the Jelly Monster was an instant hit with the boys!  It is a dice rolling game where you all play at the same time!  It gets a little crazy but that is part of its appeal.  Speed and tactical dice choices are the name of the game!  We haven’t played a dice rolling game in a while, so it was a refreshing change returning to this type of game.

As a family we had high hopes for Attack of the Jelly Monster as we are already big fans of the Libellud range.  We have enjoyed Dixit and Loony Quest in the past.

The army are trying to deal with the jelly monster and you need to collect as much alien matter before they succeed at sending it back to space.  Are you brave and cunning enough to accept your mission???  Has your squad leader got what it takes?

The highest dice score in each district wins the alien jelly.  But your dice also have special effects so be strategic about the choices you make.  Think carefully before executing your move.  A 1 or 2-point dice lets you remove a dice from a district and a 3 or a 4 and you can change the district reward.

Attack of the Jelly Monster

Hopefully then your squad will have more jelly for the government to study!  Who knows with more research next time they might be better prepared to ward off invading wobbly jelly monsters!!!  It always pays to be ready when it comes to monster invasions…

Available to buy from your local friendly game shop and comes highly recommended by us four.

Attack of the Jelly Monster Competition

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