Living green as a family

living green

Being environmentally conscious is easier said than done. Whilst we’d all live to be a bit greener, living in a fast-paced household is difficult enough.  Adding in another element to think about might seem too much. But, with that being said, there are some simple steps you can take as a family to cut down the impact you have on the environment. It’s also vital that you teach your children why you’re making these changes.  Help them understand the impact they can have on the Earth. Whether you’re looking to make small changes, or completely cutting out as much as possible, here’s some top tips to get your started with living green.

Recycle as much as possible

This is something most people already practice, but there’s extra steps you can take to prevent your unwanted waste ending up in landfill. All plastic, paper, glass and tins should be recycled wherever possible. Speak to your local council about recycling collections to find out all of the required information for your area. You should also look at recycling old electronics – you can even get money in return for them if they’re in good enough condition!

Have open discussions about the environment

Teaching your children about green living doesn’t need to be a chore for them (or you). It’s much easier than you’d think to slip it into regular day-to-day conversations. For example, if you ask your child to take the bins out, or recycle a particular item, you can chat about where the rubbish ends up – and subsequently the importance of recycling. Encourage your little ones to ask questions to spark discussions, and before long you’ll find them taking a real interest.

Switch to digital products

Sometimes you just need an evening doing nothing. It’s the perfect chance to put on your favourite film and, with a whole host of online streaming platforms to choose from, it completely negates the need for physical DVDs. When you see a new DVD when you’re out and about, see whether it’s available to purchase online instead. Many DVDs (and CDs, for that matter) end up in landfill sooner or later. Ditch the physical copies for digital and, not only will you be reducing your outgoing waste, you might end up saving yourself some money in the process.

switch to digital living green

Shop products that are reusable and sustainable

Reducing the affect your purchases have on the environment means thinking long-term about your buying choices. During home renovations, only purchase hardwood flooring from companies that use sustainable forests. When you’re buying seafood, check whether it’s been sustainably caught. Small details such as these all contribute to a healthier world.

Use items for a little bit longer

New products are constantly being churned out, and it’s easy to be influenced into buying the latest item on the market. When this happens, your old items usually see the bin.  Often in fairly good condition. If you can resist the temptation to buy, but something is looking a little worse for wear, try to hold onto it a little longer. This reduces your personal consumption, and the visual wear and tear is usually just that – visual. Just because something isn’t aesthetically what it used to be, doesn’t mean it isn’t fit for use. If you do need to get rid of it, recycle or donate old items to good causes.

We hope these simple tips will help you make a start in living a greener lifestyle. As with everything, it’s all about discussion and being open about the reasons behind the decisions. What other tips do you have for living a greener lifestyle?

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