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media kit

Bloggers are so slick and professional these days!  It’s turned out to be a career path for many.  For myself it has allowed me to juggle homelife and still earn a reasonable living.  I am very fortunate, but I know I could do more to stretch my blogging potential and income opportunities.  Behind the scenes I do a lot of blog maintenance, but I have failed to address the all-important media kit!  Yes, I am letting the side down!!!

Many bloggers have produced a media kit, it’s the perfect way to pitch their blog.  Yet for one reason or another I kept putting it off.  I have on occasion been asked for one.  However not often enough for me to bother doing one or so I felt.  But, it’s actually a good thing to have and I can see the benefit of investing the time producing a media kit.

Finally, I am realising the error of my ways.  I do have eight years blogging under my belt after all and have decided it’s time to do my research and get it sorted at LONG last.  It might seem like a lot of hassle initially but it’s worth it in the end.  You have all the information to hand that PR’s might need when deciding if you are the blog for their brand.

I haven’t done too badly minus one this is true.  But for 2018 I want to strive for more with a “go get ’em” attitude.  Pushing myself harder and harder and this would be one good thing to get ticked off my to do list.

media kit

What a media kit should include?

A bit about you to make it personal, there are so many bloggers try and stand out!

Your website stats such as your page views and monthly unique visitors.  You could also include a section on your readers demographics.

Your social media figures, you can list this as a total figure or break it down.  If some of your accounts are a bit low focus on the more positive ones.

What you can offer with a rate sheet with your prices – this can speed up negotiations as its clear what budget you will be willing to accept.

Companies you have worked with before – I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies over the years so this would be an easy section for me to complete!

Your contact information – now you have convinced them you’re the blog they want to work with, make sure they can get in touch with you!

How to present your media kit?

I will mainly be emailing my media kit but at blog conferences it might be handy having a few printed out ready to hand to interested parties.  I would invest in a showcase presentation folder in those circumstances so my media kit would look smart and professional!

Think about producing something clear and concise.  Use headings and images to capture the attention of your reader.  You don’t want them to switch off before they finish.

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